Juicy Couture (2006)

Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture
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Juicy Couture is a perfume by Juicy Couture for women and was released in 2006. The scent is flowery-sweet. It is being marketed by Elizabeth Arden.

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Harry Frémont

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesApple, Passion fruit, Tagetes, Water hyacinth, Watermelon
Heart Notes Heart NotesLily, Rose, Tuberose
Base Notes Base NotesCaramel, Patchouli, Vanilla



6.3 (87 Ratings)


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7.5 (58 Ratings)
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Bottle 1.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 3.5/10
Helpful Review    1
I would not have given this one an award
I have been reading Chandler Burr's book The Perfect Scent, and in it he notes this perfume is "one of the best perfumes on the market, by the expert commercial technician Harry Fremont. These perfumes are ideas of the smell of our bodies in heaven." (p. 215) It even won a FiFi award! So of course I had to rush right out and try it!

I must say, I truly hope my body doesn't smell like this in heaven. It is a tuberose ambush, and the watermelon note brought to mind Jolly Ranchers. Thankfully that went away fast, but the tuberose just lingered and lingered. It smelled like hair spray until I scrubbed it off. This won an award, and is "the best on the market"?! Say it ain't so!

And the bottle...ugh. It is tacky.

I really wanted to like it and be able to say that I had an award winner in my collection. Sadly, I will have to wait for something that suits me better to come along.
Bottle 7.5/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
Have A Bowl Of Hot Buttered Popcorn...Along With The Right Mix Of Patch, Caramel & Woods
I'd always avoided any of the Juicy Couture line, assuming they were too young, frivolous and frankly, the background behind the name was off-putting to me. Well, you know the old saying when you assume. I'll admit it on this first perfume that was produced in 2006 by Juicy Couture...I like this one, and this one only. It has substance. It's good. It's damn good and well worth the money.
I happened upon some reviews where others talked of it reminding them of buttered popcorn. Hmmm. Buttered popcorn? I like that. I like quirky. So I figured I'd give this one a test drive and if indeed it turned into movie-house quality butter popcorn on me then it was worth buying a bottle.
Lo and behold, the next week, I'm doing a perfume run around local stores searching for good buys, and I find one at an incredible price waiting for me. So I went ahead, plunged in and bought it. Ok, I spritzed it on at the store first. The ladies that work there don't mind, they know me and allowed me to get a whiff of Juicy Couture 2006 first. Since it was non-returnable, (I've talked about store policy before in a previous post), I didn't want to waste my money, even if it was $1.00. If I bought it, I owned it, so I better like it.
Hot Buttered Popcorn Time At The Movies! I could not believe my nose. Sure, there are some light florals mixed with this wonderful composition, but the main gist of it is truly a salted buttered popcorn with a caramel flair. A dirtier patchouli sits low in the base underneath it all hugging tightly. The creme brulee is stirred throughout to ensure this mix is creamy and not sharp in any way.
But it's not a childish gourmand, either. This is truly a well-blended fragrance that encompasses such a variety of under-lying notes, I've found myself reaching for it over and over again quite regularly.
The tuberose in it does not appear as tuberose normally does on me when it's stands linear. This times it's mixed with the other florals to create a low-lying base that doesn't intimidate but instead generates a feeling that there are flowers nearby, but not in your face as a floral perfume, which is wonderful for me. I'm not a floral perfume lover.
There is also a hint of underbrush woods in Juicy Couture to balance this out. I've worn it now through three seasons and I've liked it best in the cooler weather, but I've liked wearing it all through the three seasons. I truly love that there is such a mix of notes in this juice that swirl around yet come together so magnificently.
For me, it transcends the weather. It's one of my few perfumes that stays on until I take it off and has incredible lasting power, another plus in my book of powerful perfumes for the money. It radiates well and I've received many compliments on this one.
As a kick, I've layered it with True Religion's Love Hope & Denim, an oriental vanilla with high notes of caramel, vanilla and sugar for me, which when combined brought out more saltiness, vanilla and more caramel.
This fume is encased in a very heavy, chunky bottle with two lions facing each other as far as I'm concerned, isn't sweet and bubblegum delicious as the other perfumes from the Juicy Couture line. It's a perfume well-blended that despite its' naysayers deserves a trial sniff for those who have never tried it. Suitable for daytime wear, evening wear, anytime wear for any age.
Juicy Couture Juicy Couture was the first introduced and still holds its place as Number One.
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Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 6.0/10
Helpful Review    6
Tuberose + Popcorn Butter
By far my favorite perfume from the house of Juicy Couture is the first launch: JUICY COUTURE. The focus is tuberose, but there is a strange sort of buttery residue in this composition as well. The caramel is much more in the background, so the overall sweetness level is quite a bit lower than in VIVA LA JUICY, though they both boast a caramel note.

What I am interpreting as butter residue (not unlike the butter used on popcorn in movie theaters) is perhaps what is identified among the notes as "crème brulée". In any case, notes are metaphors, so let's not get bogged down in a butter versus crème brulée debate.

To my nose, JUICY COUTURE is one of the best in its category, of the floral gourmand perfumes currently available at the mainstream level. It's not a genre which appeals to everyone, but I consider this to be a step up from, say, Britney Spears MIDNIGHT FANTASY, which shares the buttery note. This quality is not the natural buttery quality which many find in the tuberose of FRACAS. No, in this case, there's the tuberose, and then there's the butter. They seem quite separate to me.

I have to admit that I rarely wear this perfume, but when I do, I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it smells. I think that I may harbor a prejudice against JUICY COUTURE, as evidenced by the fact that I was thinking about putting this on last night, but then I changed my mind, worried that I would not enjoy sleeping in this scent. Right now, it smells pretty good!

I really disliked the marketing campaign for this perfume and also for DIRTY ENGLISH. I eventually came to like both perfumes--and LOVE their bottles!--but I put off testing them for years as a direct result of the advertisements, ironically enough.
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Very helpful Review    9
Clever acting ditzy.
This used to be one of the department store guilty pleasures for me. Made me feel like I was slumming it with a little girly, trashy fun. Good god, I can’t believe I fell for the marketing. From the colors to the images to the bottle itself, Juicy Couture is a virtual koan on low-echelon luxury marketing. Another instance of a blind-spot I’ve trained myself to have with perfume marketing: trashy bottle, trashy marketing must equal a bad perfume. Forget that it looks oddly mid-1980s Madonna-aspirational. Forget that it’s from a company called without wit or sarcasm Juicy Couture. Just smell it.

Juicy Couture is a well-considered tuberose that while nominally a fruity floral, is in fact an interestingly clean musky tuberose. Somehow using this musk to lacquer a potent, sweet, pretty tuberose makes it interesting. I can’t think of another interesting tuberose perfume that doesn’t highlight at least one of the more objectionable parts of the flower (Fracas’s indoles, Tubereuse Criminelle’s gasoline, A Travers le Miroir’s mothballs.) Nicely polished ‘pretty’should be the perfume equivalent of the classic noncommittal non-descriptor: nice. But this stuff is wonderful.

Tuberose, without the baggage of its grimy undercurrents, reads as almost tropical in the topnotes. The fruit, you might call it bubble gum but I’ll call it tutti-frutti, doesn’t really last that long, but while it’s there gives hints of the fruity sweet flowers like ylang ylang and honeysuckle. Less fruit than flowers that imply their own sweetness. After the top fades, though, Juicy Couture pares down to a clean, musky tuberose. The musk has an acetone-sweet edge that gives the tuberose a spin far different from the rubbery, camphorous notes you’d find in a ‘dirty’ tuberose. If I heard the description of a fruity yet antiseptic tuberose I’d generally be pessimistic. The topnotes are a bit of well-constructed if programmatic frilly fun, but the heartnotes are quietly persuasive. There’s not a lot of progression from this point through drydown, but it holds up very nicely and keeps its balance with apparent ease.
Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 6.0/10
Very helpful Review    5
Tuberose and caramel
To be completely honest, I'm not actually sure whether I like Juicy Couture or not. Most of the time I'm fairly certain about liking or disliking something, however in this case, Juicy Couture leaves me on the fence.

First off, this is a nice fragrance. The reason why it is popular is not a mystery to me, yet there is something about this fragrance that will have me smelling it for hours but at the same time thinking it's not all that great.

Although Juicy Couture is supposed to be a fruity floral, I consider this fragrance as being more of a white floral. The tuberose, lily and rose notes are rather prominent, even in the opening. The drydown of vanilla and caramel also leans towards a gourmand fragrance.

I think I do like Juicy Couture, but I think the only thing that holds me back is the simple reason that it smells too similar to other floral fragrances I have tried. I may have built up a high expectation of Juicy Couture because it was so popular.

With that being said, it's still a pleasant, feminine, pretty and casual fragrance which could suit almost every season. The great lasting power is not to be dismissed and its popularity just goes to show that it's not to be ignored.


Bcars10 76 days ago
It would be cheaper to just eat a watermelon Jolly Rancher and then spritz your whole body with hair spray.+2
Bottle 1.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 3.5

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