Liquid Illusion (2018)

Liquid Illusion by Juliette Has A Gun
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Liquid Illusion is a new perfume by Juliette Has A Gun for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is powdery-sweet. It is still in production.

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Romano Ricci

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesHeliotropin, Almond
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrris absolute, Irone, Orris root, Tuberose
Base Notes Base NotesTonka bean, Benzoin siam



7.7 (45 Ratings)


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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 20.03.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    16
From finding and searching.
Sometimes, though rarely, you notice the moment you find something you were looking for. Before, you weren't even aware of the search. You were walking around with a void of some kind. And you didn't notice it. Something was missing, completely unconsciously. Freely according to the actually common motto: What one does not know, he also cannot miss.
Now I can be quite glad that it was not about such essential things like freedom from fear or even love, but about marginal things:

I found my iris scent and only noticed at that moment that I had been searching for it.

Iris in fragrances had always been ambivalent for me until then. There was the iris note I knew from my grandmother's girlfriends. They were really very old and I was very young at that time, which made them relatively older. If I smell this venerable note today, then these old ladies of my grandmother's Skat and Poch round appear before my inner eye: grey perms, upright sitting posture, age-drawn, knotty-brown, but nimble hands, playing a card or taking a stab at themselves with flashing eyes Those are beautiful memories that this kind of iris evokes in me. But if I put on such a scent myself, I would feel disguised and about a hundred years old. So this iris doesn't work for me.

Then there is iris, often in natural perfume, often in classics, which smells like liquefied car tyres in my nose. This iris note is a bit like the fascination of horror: I have to smell it again and again and discover something wonderful behind the car tires. But unfortunately it is so blended by the tire abrasion that it is hardly perceptible.

Then there's violets. Now it's getting complicated.

Violets" also usually means the smell of the roots of
Iris Pallida or Iris Germanica, which become iris butter through a time-consuming process of maturation and processing. As the fragrance obtained from the iris roots is reminiscent of violet blossoms, it often appears in the pyramids under this name.

Nevertheless, as a rule I think I smell a difference, depending on whether "violet" or "iris", even "iris butter" is written in today's pyramids.
Usually "violet" in my nose is more artificial, only remotely flowery, often less powdery. And when it seems powdery and artificial, it's called a "violet leaf".
Après L'Ondée by Guerlain, for example, smells for me wonderfully like the violet pastilles from the pharmacy, but not like what I would classify as "iris". Also "56 - Violet Powder" by Aura Soma or "Insolence" by Guerlain go rather in this direction.
From the violet direction I like some scents, also some with violet leaf, but for me they don't smell like my inner idea of "iris".

Liquid Illusion does that. Liquid Illusion smells of what I smell behind the car tires, of iris, powdery iris, not of violet, not of violet leaf. Liquid illusion meets my inner reference of iris. Iris, free of disruptive factors such as car tyres or centenary.

My spontaneous notes a few minutes after the first sprayer are: "Dream Iris! Cooking sticks! Noble and modern, but not cold. Great!"
That's the top note.
During the first tests the iris seemed to step back and make way for the heart note of a slightly sweet melange of vanilla/heliotrope/tonka. This is still pleasant and noble, but not as outstanding as the top note. To me the iris seemed to fade too fast, I noticed that I had looked for exactly this iris, without having known it so far. In the base it seemed to me to add a little musk and to shift the weighting a little to Tonka, so that the fragrance ended with a powdery soft, still quite slightly sweet Tonka-Moschus base.

Now I was insecure: Should this dream iris disappearing so fast on my wish list or not? At that price?
Since I know that the individual perception of fragrances can still change when worn for longer periods of time, I waited: Would I perceive more or less iris in the long run? Would the musk in the base fall on my nerves in the long run, as musk unfortunately so often does?

The development could not have been better: I smell Iris now also the heart note through and the musk steps back rather.

Thank you very much, dear Sweetsmell75, for the momentous bottling.
Thank you very much, dear frogs, for the visually and haptically beautiful remaining bottle in the heavy paint box.

You filled my iris gap.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 9.0/10
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Greatly helpful Review    23
Bob Ross paints an iris...
I'm sure Bob Ross knows a lot of you. That was the so likeable American with the great hair, he painted wet in wet and his pictures and his technique are simply wonderful for me.
Bob always said there was nothing wrong with painting, everyone would do it differently, and everything would be right. I even tried that once, but my kind of art shows a different understanding and it had such a slightly surreal touch of forest fire after comet impact with mud battle of the sea dwellers!
I used to love watching him on TV so much that he painted an inviting beach, an island, a clearing in the woods... and everything looks so magically simple.
And with so many pictures I always thought: Nooo Bob, don't, because I knew exactly what happened then:
into a perfect picture for me he then painted happy little friends, there were trees, bushes, bushes, whatever.
And I always thought, put the brush away Bob, don't do it, there doesn't have to be a happy little little bush, it gets overloaded, just leave it that way..... But Bob never listened to me (of course, were records...)
What does this have to do with the scent of Juliette Has A Gun, the Liquid Illusion?

Let me tell you
So now I come to the scent! I had the luck to be part of the sharing that the great BlueValkyrie has put together. Thank you again very much! I was so excited about the smell! And I was (almost) not disappointed!
A sweet puffy almond dream is that, yeswollja.
Gentle, caressing, attractive and already a bit erotic. Such an enchantingly powdery, not at all dry iris is added and makes the scent round, simply beautiful lying on the skin and a well sigh escapes my mouth. You just sit back in your chair and enjoy. It's like Bob's painting a picture. Such a picture always takes a while, you don't just throw it on the white screen.
Now let's say the scent stays on the skin for 6-8 hours (and it does). But in the middle of the half there is something that bothers me a little. Is it the tuberose? The interplay of the individual scents on my skin? I don't know... you slip around each other in your armchair and think: no way, you don't have to change anything! Bob paints an iris and there's something in the fragrance that bothers me. Whether Bob happy little tuberoses...tuberoses... no matter what you paint, you slip onto the front edge of the chair, pull your forehead in folds and think: started so wonderfully, it was clear that it wouldn't stay that way!
There's a ticking something in the fragrance that I don't like at halftime, I can't say otherwise.
However, Bob continues to paint unperturbed, and the scent gets cuddly warm in the base and the iris is even still there. If you then look at the picture, you want to scratch away the small bush/shrub/whatever next to the iris and the almond with your fingernail, but you cannot.
Slide back in your armchair and look at the complete (art) work from a distance (I'll take the glasses for that). But take your time with it, look at it from different perspectives, see light and shadow, look at individual sometimes not so perceptible components and pause for a while to absorb the fragrance.

Fluid hallucination. Maybe something deceives me about the scent, brings out something I hadn't thought, however. A really wonderful almond-iris scent with hints of warm tonka bean, for colder days it warms the heart up wonderfully, in summer one should try it.
It is and remains throughout very close, the Sillagé is rather discreet, the durability could be a little better although there already quite others have rashly searched the vastness on my skin. Bob paints, so to speak, with half power, takes up less colour, brightens everything a little, so to speak. The brush washed out too early...
A really beautiful scent, I like wearing it. For the price, however, the Sillagé and the durability is too low for me
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