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Green Bubble by Jusbox
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Green Bubble is a new perfume by Jusbox for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is synthetic-sweet. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Cannabis, Vermouth
Heart Notes Heart NotesSaffron, Honey, Cedarwood
Base Notes Base NotesLabdanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber



6.0 (12 Ratings)


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Submitted by Cincy, last update on 04.08.2019
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29 Reviews
Enjoy the sweet green ride
Somewhere in between Maison Martin Margiela's Music Festival (not as sweet) and Nasomatto's Black Afgano (not as dark), with a slightly harsh or bitter opening due to the wormwood. The syrupy sweetness next to the cannabis in the initial stage comes from a combo of honey and amber but it serves the same edulcorating purpose as the patchouli and red apple in MMM's scent. The dry down of Green Bubble is woodier and more resinous and the lack of patchouli allows a clearer cannabis note through, bringing it closer to Nasomatto's creation during this last phase. Performance wise both Music Festival and Black Afgano seem to have the upper hand over Jusbox's scent.

Is it worth buying? Well, someone looking for a sweet cannabis scent will prefer Music Festival. Someone looking for a darker, resinous cannabis scent should go for Black Afgano. Sadly Green Bubble sits somewhere in the middle and does not perform better than neither of those two.
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10 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    10
Speed-30 and wild cherries in a different way
I could give now again the old story to the best, why I have unfortunately in my not so young life ever pulled at a single cigarette. Not that there weren't enough opportunities, I've been offered more than enough smokers, and there have also been more than enough stressful occasions, where I'm sure it would have been more than just an opportunity to inhale deep. But I have remained steadfast so far and do not regret it. And so it happens that on one occasion or another a bag passed my nose and made its way around. I do not want to claim that I find the smell particularly appealing, so that I am also here of the opinion to have missed nothing. I can also kick around silly for hours - at the last Parfumo meetings I unfortunately had no opportunity to do so.

At the last Parfumo meeting I got instead a small sample for a purchase packed with it. The friendly perfumery saleswoman called it a counterpoint to my purchase of "Wild Cherry" from Mancera. Well, the lady should keep her word.

The Jusbox flacons stand out a little from the often dull all sorts of things, a clear glass square with a very solid base and colour accents that let the entire flacon shine, crowned by a black knob on which a stylized vinyl disc thrones. All this packed in a voluminous and beautifully printed cardboard box. Very attractive design that runs from A to Zet - that's what I like! In this perfume, a strong green has been chosen, which is also very much to his face, the fragrance is called dashing "Green Bubble". Unfortunately I don't want to think of any pictures to justify this name - but I would be similarly misleading with Allen keys, bacon dumplings, Tempo 30 zones or daisies.

With the first sprayer, on the other hand, associations are immediately made with another badly hyped scent and a voice in me groans annoyed: "Och, nee! With these musty marijuana gestinke I can start now times so what of nothing at all. Wouldn't there now be a very quiet impression of a somewhat sour and yet sweet citrus fruit, which kept me from ritual washing for the time being. Not that something is softened here now, it rather accompanies, brightens up, provides for friendly moments. And just as Alfons the Ginger always has his Spezl, the Chilli, in his luggage, so dark and dry woods as well as incense and patchouli follow the spicy smoked goods. Fortunately, all this forms a dense cloud and sometimes one wafts, sometimes the other into the foreground. If the first wave is still very strong, then the smell softens after a quarter of an hour nevertheless noticeably, settles down then however like a fog and holds one imprisoned over the day. A fragrance with standing qualities, then.

You have to like something like that and you have to be able to use this scent in a targeted way. Either as provocation or as underlining of his person, a situation. Although the fragrance in its entire form has a very masculine appearance, I can easily think of a few women who not only love this fragrance, but who would also like it very much. And that, although the scent has no female moments for me.

Now I've been perfume long enough, but the idolatrous worship of various Nasomatto fragrances and their exaltation in the form of Black Afghano I couldn't fully comprehend so far. Now I have a scent here that combines a cannabis note with dirty woods again, but this time I'm not quite so averse. Maybe because not quite so in-your-face, not quite so vehement, not quite so screaming. But here again nothing calls me "buy me!" Stay probably better with my "Wild Cherry", the smell likes my floating peach blossom because very much at me.
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