Sinner (Eau de Parfum) by Kat Von D

Sinner 2009 Eau de Parfum

08.06.2018 - 05:32 PM

Cute Bottle

This was promising to begin with but effectively disappointed me in its execution.
Started out creamy and floral (orange blossom) but eventually turned into a boring berries (plum) and patchouli non-entity of a scent.

In the opening stage I found elements of GUCCI by GUCCI and the BLACK XS POTION flanker, so nothing new but nice/enjoyable nonetheless. It felt fresh, vibrant, daytime appropriate.

Then the patchouli took center stage and the floral notes dissipated, leaving behind a watered down rendition of TSUKIYO by ANNAYAKE, which is all fair and well if you are looking for a weaker version of that, but I am not.

If there was some focus here it could be nice. A spice or a flower taking center stage wouldn't have gone amiss. My conclusion is that there are far better/more complex scents available in this category, though I do like the bottle very much in its half ANNA SUI, half GUIPURE & SILK style (in a kind of tacky rock chic way). Ultimately it feels a little basic and lacks depth of character.

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