Meow! (Eau de Parfum) by Katy Perry

Meow! 2011 Eau de Parfum

04.06.2013 - 11:32 PM

Meow in the white-pink opaque bottle

Lovely, joyful, warm, buttered, fruit and citrus vanilla. Other reviewers find pear in the opening. I find it softly orange - tangerine is a note and it is not spicy but tangy, to cut the vanilla. Reminds me muchly of Gucci's Flora EDP in the warm orange. Strongly redolent of coconut although that isn't a listed note. Not a beachy coconut, but a sueded, cashmere, hazy, shimmering coconut. This is like a warm custard slice with a glazed orange finish and shaved coconut. Creamy warm vanilla, not sugary.
Trail is fairly quiet, almost, but not quite strong enough to be decent. Someone close to you might, in the first hour, get a whiff of this scent. Needs 3 - 4 sprays on each arm, neck, on hair. After an hour or two you just forget it's there unless you make a conscious effort to smell it. This is the worst aspect of the perfume, for me. The dry down is long lasting though, lasts overnight on me.
The bottle is cringe-worthy and belongs on a 6 year old's dressing table.

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