White Petals (2001)

White Petals by Keiko Mecheri
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White Petals is a perfume by Keiko Mecheri for women and was released in 2001. The scent is floral-powdery. The production was apparently discontinued.

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White peony, Sasanqua camellia, May rose, Iris, Lily-of-the-valley, Narcissus, Precious woods



7.5 (128 Ratings)


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7.5 (84 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    10
White flowers, as white and gentle as my white hangover :)
Okay, my title could be misleading, since my hangover isn't always white right now. He has found a new favourite place amidst bushes and shrubs and dirt and earth, where he spends most of his time now. Firstly, the bushes are very dense, so that he can observe everyone from inside while most cannot see him, and secondly, this bush is located directly at a corner of a wall, so that he is secured from two sides and therefore only has to worry to the front and one side as far as danger is concerned.

But that always makes him come back totally filthy (as already written in yesterday's commentary, somehow my text is now double-mocked :D), so that he sometimes looks more like a black tomcat! As if it wasn't bad enough to clean up the black dirt, no, it also has a lot of tiny pieces of dirt and other particles that you can't comb out all at once and which are distributed all over the apartment *sigh* :D Sometimes it helps to clean it with a slightly sticky lint roller, but he doesn't like it that much :DD

But back to the fragrance. From the description the fragrance sounds nice like soft, nice white flowers, but let's see how it really smells. Sometimes floral scents smell quite nice to me, but sometimes unfortunately too stuffy! So there is just as always a 50:50 chance that the fragrance is nice or abnormal!

The Scent:
The fragrance starts with white flowers! Ha ha ha ha, okay all right, I'll try to describe it in more detail! At the beginning I smell the white flower mix just mentioned, but at the beginning I find the following scents sticking out (not to be confused with running away stinging!): daffodil. One of those floral notes that I can at least recognize.
Iris. Just like a fragrance that I can often recognize very quickly. And as so often the iris smells very tender, fine, beautiful and above all powdery.
Rosen. I say roses here now in general simply times roses, since one can perceive the sour-floral smell well here, but I could not distinguish now really between roses, May roses, peonies and what still gives everything.
The fragrance is very beautiful, very feminine, delicate and gives you a good and clean feeling.
A little later the roses are, in my opinion, the strongest notes, while the remaining flowers, like lilies of the valley, come after or "stand" behind the roses. And the fragrance remains delicately rosy and slightly powdery until the end.

Sillage and durability:
The Sillage is okay for such a fragrance. Not a firecracker, but also not very weak, so that the scent can be perceived pleasantly at one.
The shelf life is about seven to eight hours. That's good, even if he's been getting pretty weak in the last few hours.

The flacon:
The almost black bottle (but I think it's just a very dark red) is slightly transparent and rather angular and edgy, which is like a trademark of the Mecheri bottles. On the front you can see a square indentation in which the label is embedded. The lid is also very angular (like a multifaceted gemstone) and results in a roundish shape. Apparently there is also a version with a square lid. In any case, the bottles are pretty nice.

Yes, I like floral scents! What I mean is that the scent smells soft and beautiful with slightly powdery and sweet notes, which comes across very pleasantly without somehow smelling stuffy, which I often feel very unpleasant, especially on warm days. But the fragrance here is simply a great feminine fragrance that works well in spring and summer, but also in autumn, almost like an all-rounder if you just want to smell nice of flowers or blossoms. That's why it's good for going out.

I highly recommend this fragrance for a test, but you must like roses, as these are the dominant fragrances here, in my opinion anyway. Because I smell it most intensely from the heart note.

Oh and my cat does not mind this scent either, he is used to perceive pleasant floral scents when he is outside and rolling in the bush in the dirt, so surrounded by different flowers :D
And if you only knew how much lint I've got! Sometimes I think the whole lint roll industry lives only through me! :DD
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Soft and Cozy
I am seriously wondering whether Keiko Mecheri WHITE PETALS may be the precursor to CAMELLIA. I say this because the petals in this composition, too, seem much more pink to me than white.

Upon application, I thought that I was perceiving tuberose and jasmine, but neither is listed among the notes. There is a sort of buttery quality, softy and comforting, and a thickness, to this creation. As the perfume develops, what seems to my nose to be magnolia comes through stronger and stronger. So perhaps camellia really does smell just like magnolia, as that was what I believed myself to be primarily detecting in CAMELLIA as well!

I suspect that the low ratings on this perfume at another site (not here, where people are generally more sophisticated, lol) have something to do with the fact that WHITE PETALS is not at all a big white floral composition, as its name suggests. It's not at all sharp, and this is not at all about the triumvirate tuberose-gardenia-jasmine. Instead, it's a big, creamy, light pink floral composition.

WHITE PETALS is soft and billowy and and luscious, and I'm sure to add either this one or CAMELLIA to my collection at some point. It's only a matter of time, since I love magnolia--or reasonable facsimile, which camellia appears to be.

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