5:40 PM in Madagascar by Kenzo

5:40 PM in Madagascar 2009

15.05.2018 - 07:51 AM
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Easy, breezy, beautiful

My one-liner review for this would be easy, breezy, beautiful! It is a Kenzo vanilla (from the good old days). As this was released ages ago, I am not sure if my opinions are based on the actual product or aging process.

On my skin this is quite linear aquatic vanilla scent. If you love deep, spicy and sweet vanillas with decent throw, this is not for you. If you are looking for a no-brainer to drench yourself on warmer days (this needs heat to bloom), this is perfect. It will not suffocate people around you, but give you a soft veil of freshness (if you do not go trigger-happy). What I really like about this is the softness of aquatics, you are not washed by a calone tsunami. There is a soft hint of generic ”cedar” and hay but the main player is vanilla.

My bottle is halfway empty, and I will happily spritz the rest during this summer. While I have really enjoyed this, I dont see a particular need for obsessive hunting or paying too much for this. It is a bit like a nice friend you meet on holiday: it is lots of fun to hang around, but no need for exchanging addresses and phone numbers when you return to reality. If a well-aged bottle falls onto your lap, try it but no need to feel like you are missing out something if it doesn’t.
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