Kenzo Homme (Eau de Toilette Intense) by Kenzo

Kenzo Homme 2021 Eau de Toilette Intense

05.11.2021 - 08:44 PM

Intense & Unique

I've owned a bottle of this for a while now, after previously having a sample, so it wasn't a 'blind buy'. For some reason though I'm not sure how I really feel about it on a personal level, even if I think it is a brilliantly made modern masculine scent. I think it's one of those fragrances that could really divide opinion, the first one which comes to mind is l'Eau Bleue d'Issey Miyake, which while they don't smell the same (l'Eau Bleue is decidedly more herbal and dry) neither is the type of scent everyone will appreciate, they're not crowd pleasers and in an olfactive sense they should appeal to similar tastes (and those who like the original Kenzo pour homme) even if this Kenzo has a slightly more modern touch.

Despite the fact I'm not sure how I feel about Kenzo Intense (as I'll call this), the first time I smelled it I was entranced, I couldn't stop smelling it. It's been the same ever since even though something about it sometimes gets 'too much' at the same time! This is strong stuff, for me a little goes a long way and it's extremely longlasting, particularly on clothing.

Rather than any specific notes Kenzo Intense bombards the senses with a curious mix of fresh salty oceanic air, an exotic touch, some green vibes and woods, it's not light & airy. It kind of comes across as sweet & savoury at the same time, not sweet as in a sugary gourmand scent but, and this might sound weird kind of 'pickle' like! I remember Ash (Gents scents) said in his Youtube review that his wife hated this & said it smelled of pickles, I wasn't sure about that back then, but sometimes it does comes across that way to me too, strangely not in a bad way though! It's an interesting fragrance, I do like it but right now at least can't bring myself to 'love' it as something I want to wear all the time.

The closest description in relation to others scents which I know is; imagine a strange experiment where you mix Azzaro chrome Aqua, Kenzo Homme OG, Fusion d'Issey and maybe even a touch of Lalique Encre Noire you might end up with something like this. Maybe. Kenzo Intense is a modern, powerful scent which won't appeal to all - I think it'll drive some people wild as much as it'll repel others but it's a unique & strong release by Kenzo, definitely in keeping with the 'mood' of the original and much loved Kenzo pour Homme.

D.P. November 2021

PS; the presentation is superb!

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