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15.06.2017 - 02:00 PM
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Smooth and Powdery

I absolutely adore this fragrance. I am very thankful to Sherapop for having given me the opportunity to try this rare gem.

Kenzo Vintage Edition has all the qualities I enjoy smelling in a fragrance. It is both powdery and feminine on my skin, but also quite complex and intriguing. I've worn it out in public twice since being given a sample, and on both occasions I received some positive comments from strangers.

This fragrance opens with a sweet and juicy mandarin accord. However this note is fairly short-lived as the scent quickly dissolves into a smooth, powdery heliotrope and tonka bean blend.

When I first smelt Kenzo Vintage Edition I swore that I could detect an almond note, and was rather confused when I saw that it wasn't listed in the scent pyramid. Even to this day, I can still smell almonds, even though it may just be the tonka bean playing tricks with my senses. Nevertheless, Kenzo Vintage Edition has a slightly nutty texture which makes it smell quite foody and delicious at times.

This fragrance soothes me. It never overwhelms me with its presence, and I find it to be the perfect choice for a windy, overcast day when I need a touch of warmth. It's a pity that this fragrance has since been discontinued. I consider it one of Kenzo's best.

Although the sillage is fairly moderate, the longevity is outstanding. I'll spritz this on in the morning before work, and return home in the evening to find it still lingering on my skin. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this fragrance to anyone, even men, seeing that it has slight unisex tendencies.
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