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Blackmail by Kerosene
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Blackmail is a popular perfume by Kerosene for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is smoky-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Perfumer & Creative Guidance

John Pegg (Marken-Inhaber, Parfümhersteller)

Fragrance Notes

Amber, Vanilla, Berries, Sandalwood, Oud



8.5 (43 Ratings)


8.5 (40 Ratings)


8.0 (41 Ratings)


8.1 (35 Ratings)
Submitted by Danina, last update on 14.05.2020.
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Helpful Review    6  
Have you heard? The wonder boy is in town!
Today is another day.
The annual Christmas train ride to the family is coming up.

Twice a year my parents are blessed with my presence. (More often would be nicer, but temporally it is always something like that)

As an attentive reader of my comments, I am sure some of you already know about my "Noir Extreme" experience, but only in summer :)
11 hours of train ride can be used to get closer to one or the other fragrance, especially if it is such an unusual specimen like "Blackmail".
(Editor's note: In Germany, the Wunderwuzzi is more of a miracle worker than: Jack-of-all-trades known)

My today's *victim*(or am I the victim of the scent) impresses by a very high reaction rate to his environment. Meaning...
whenever I have worn this fragrance, I have been approached about it.
Positive as well as negative (negative comments predominate) Note of the editors: "Philistines"

What I have not heard everything, a small sample pleasing ?
Pipe tobacco, Christmas market, Swiss stone pine oil, embrocation, tea shop etc.
From odour violation to "This scent makes me aggressive" to "My absolute favourite scent on you" ......

and then there is "Sonja" note of the editorial staff: Name changed for privacy reasons, a colleague, beginning 50, who always takes her little cookie box out of the desk drawer in the morning and puts on a chai latte when I wear the scent She wants to have that Christmas market feeling at work too, she says :)

I'm sorry I couldn't give your husband a sample of me. He finds the scent "to puke"

By the way:
The female sex likes the scent much better than men.
Editor's note: Jeremy approved seal of approval ;)

To the fragrance:
I don't wear the fragrance because I want to stand out or take off compliments...I wear it simply because I love the fragrance.
For me this fragrance composition is close to the perfect fragrance.

Why ?
I love incense or smoke notes in all variations
Is this the scent? Check !
I like slightly fruity notes
Is this the scent? Check ! (and even red berries)
I like a non-intrusive sweetness Is that the smell? Check !
Does the fragrance hold and has a good Sillage ?
Double check !

From my point of view, I can't really say anything negative about the fragrance, except that it is not so good to wear in summer, although it is not so good mild summer evenings are definitely going to work!

In conclusion, it remains for me to say that
i think it is simply great that the fragrance is perceived differently by everyone and I am happy to know that it is in my collection!

The Kerosene brand is certainly worth a look or two if you haven't heard of it yet.

Editor's note:
Halftime on the train, 5 hours to go :)
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