Copper Skies (2011)

Copper Skies by Kerosene
Bottle Design: John Pegg
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Copper Skies is a perfume by Kerosene for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is spicy-resinous. It is still in production.

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Perfumer & Creative Guidance

John Pegg (Marken-Inhaber)

Fragrance Notes

Amber, Cedar, Tobacco leaf, Honeycomb, Basil, Clove



7.1 (67 Ratings)


7.9 (47 Ratings)


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7.5 (46 Ratings)
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7.0 9.0 9.0 7.0/10

143 Reviews
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Copper Coils
Felix Kubin - Lumiere Belge

When I've tried CS for the first time I got instant headache. Luckily I was wiser next time, waited for colder weather and didn't got a kick in the head.
CS is a very peculiar scent. Big dose of amber mixed with tobacco, beeswax which reminded me of raw honey and some clove. This scent got nothing human to me. No warmth, no humanity in, like amber usually provides.
CS reminded me of something and then... Bingo... It reminds me of old machines. The smell of machine oil and copper coils. Of course John worked in some factory in States. Maybe this is the smell of old profession in his new perfume profession.
Although being an engineer I cannot wear CS, but I have admiration for it.

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Avantgarde amber
Thick intriguing opening with sweet dark notes of tobacco, something like licorice sticks - rich, earthy, sweet, balsamic; something minty, anise, beeswax (basically a dry, caramelized-resinous honey note), amber, something “sugary”, but overall nothing really gourmand: the sweetness here is warm, dry, mature and dusty. Nothing sweetish, just “naturally” sweet. As much sweet as dark and warm, actually. Cloves are barely perceivable, which makes them perfectly pleasant, providing just a sharp touch of pungent spiciness. The juxtaposition of the warm sweetness of the tobacco-anisic-amber-licorice side with a fresh balsamic whiff of (I guess) basil and mint, and bright woody notes, makes Copper Skies irresistibly enjoyable to wear. All the coziest notes are here – balsamic stuff, amber, tobacco... Nothing groundbreaking perhaps, but so irresistible if you’re into these notes (and how you can you not be?). It’s “easy”, friendly, cozy, mellow, rich, somehow dark yet not discomforting or off-putting; and actually, like other reviewers note, I also get something slightly “mechanical” or industrial, but not in a (usual) “filthy” or harsh way; rather a subtle, smoky, pleasant, somehow medicinal and slightly sweet smell – something familiar and pleasant, a bit like the smell of gasoline many people seem to love. Less original and “daring” than one may think given the brand, but incredibly pleasant and nice to wear. Solid projection, perfect lasting. Remarkable!

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7.5 5.0 7.5 7.0/10

4 Reviews
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Who put the basil into the coffee?
Oh dear,
I like coffee very much -
I absolutely love amber -
tobacco leaves are nice -
cedar too is nice for me -
clove is notably absent -
and meanwhile I´m okay with a little whiff of honey.


Who came up with that crackpot idea to put basil into the coffee???

It really could have been a wonderful fragrance - I get kissed awake by a divine and authentic note of coffee the instant Copper Skies hits my wrist. A hint of honey takes away the bitterness of the black coffee beans and a subtly-tart touch of wood brings the fragrance to volume. After a little while the humid-brown, herbal scent of tobacco leaves adds another kind of sweetness to the fragrance without making it smell green or fresh and the balmy-resinous amber lends a dark vibrant depths to Copper Skies which melts the perfume to my skin.

I could dance with joy ...

...but for that ghastly green herbal Note. It´s there from soup to nuts and makes my nose want to crawl away :-(

Imagine some gentlemen sitting on a cedarwood table, puffing away on their pipes, a good steaming cup of fresh brewed coffee in front of them but the atmosphere is off ... Today no good old boys club feeling for them...
...cause no one cleaned the table or aired out the rooms after lunch and the stench of pasta with lots of fresh basil hovers about.
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