Creature (2011)

Creature by Kerosene
Bottle Design: John Pegg
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6.5 / 10     70 RatingsRatingsRatings
Creature is a perfume by Kerosene for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is green-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Perfumer & Creative Guidance

John Pegg (Marken-Inhaber)

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMint, Lemon, Sweet birch
Heart Notes Heart NotesGreen tea, Jasmine, Sage, Violet leaf
Base Notes Base NotesMoss, Patchouli, Cedar, Cypress



6.5 (70 Ratings)


6.7 (61 Ratings)


6.3 (61 Ratings)


8.1 (58 Ratings)
Submitted by Apicius, last update on 12.11.2019
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57 Reviews
Neon-green plastic.
Since I already love Black Vines, and I like Fields of Rubus, I thought I would like Creature, too, but I was wrong. Creature isn’t bad, it just smells flat, and empty, and doesn’t seem to breathe. It reminds me of a child’s cold, plastic toy. Yes, a toy “creature”, made from scented, lime-green neon plastic. I can’t imagine an adult paying a very adult price for this.
7.5 7.5 10.0 8.0/10

37 Reviews
Helpful Review    7
The Creature is truly alive!
Off it goes with a strong mint opening with an added hint of camphor, just enough to keep it from smelling too toothpaste-y. Just when I think that this is just going to be a fresh cologne in comes an almost dusty, cold and detached note of bamboo. This probably comes from the combination of the official notes of green tea and sweet birch. The opening is extremely impressive. Even more unique than that of R’oud Elements. Pushing the sprayer of this is like rubbing the lamp and letting the genie loose. You have the mint jumping and grabbing you by the nose, you have the bamboo note pulling you to the ground with a milky, sappy smell. It feels very natural, alive in an unembellished way. Without actually having a noticeable fig note it makes me think of a fig tree with all the different aspects of the fig note it can offer: the green of the leaves, the smell of the milk oozing from the twigs, the dry smell of the fig tree wood. There is no sweetness in this one. At this stage Creature brings me to mind the myth of the Dryads, the nymphs living inside trees. I have a vision of a tree cracking open and a creature jumping out of the tree trunk. Initially I get all the milky smells of the wood torn open, the slightly ghostly smell of mint and this is alarming. But then I actually see the Nymph. The drydown is pure green heaven! Everything quiets down and clicks into place. The most heavenly unisex green scent I have smelled in years. I will go out on a limb here and trust the deepest hard-wirings of my mind: I do not have an active memory of how Jacomo Silences smells although I have smelled it many years ago but catching the deep drydown of Creature after about four hours made Silences wake up in my mind. I will have to search for a bottle to verify my memory but I can also tell you that a bottle of Creature is in my immediate shopping plans. Creature has the same insane development as R’oud Elements and slowly morphs into a perfectly balanced green scent that feels equally comfortable on a man’s or on a woman’s skin. All the notes form a perfect solved puzzle where everything has its place, nothing sticking out. Sheer elegance.

Notes from Kerosene: sweet birch, lemon, mint, green tea, jasmine, sage, violet leaves, cypress, moss, patchouli, cedar

Notes from my nose: mint, camphor, bamboo, galbanum, jasmine, moss
10.0 5.0 7.5 4.0/10

68 Reviews
Helpful Review    6
Yep, that's right, creature by name, creature by nature...
Makes sense, because as soon as you spray, the first thing that pops in your head is “Okayyyy, hello! … And … Errr … Who are you”?
I was feeling so warm today that I rummaged through my samples and thought “I know, let’s try this” and oh boy!

Right now, I don’t know if my neck is on fire being devoured by the acidic burn of an alien’s plasma, or frozen solid by its icy breath.
What I know is: I feel it!
Another fragrance I have that does this is Peppermint by Comme des Garcons …


This minty-lavender creation by kerosene is nowhere near as linear though.
A lot is going on here. This is a live organism that more than likely doesn’t exist on our planet.

This is a scent I don’t care too much for to start with.
It has a strange citusy, grassy and medicinal vibe, but it gets better, simply because it calms down.
Green is the perfect colour to describe this perfume.
Green with glow in the dark yellow stripes.

Forget those ridiculous looking hand-held fans in summer … Spray this instead.
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