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Sacred Memory by Kerosene
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Sacred Memory is a perfume by Kerosene for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-smoky. It is still in production.

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Perfumer & Creative Guidance

John Pegg (Marken-Inhaber)

Fragrance Notes

Red berries, Bergamot, Amber, Musk, Tobacco absolute, Whiskey barrel accord



6.9 (17 Ratings)


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7.5 (20 Ratings)
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Run in front of the bus
Love at first sight!

Do you know it? Not just a "Oh, yeah, the one's all nice!" No, just as right as it was in front of the bus, when you are suddenly struck by something, frightened at first because something comes unexpectedly to you, fractions of a second later you feel an impact, in your heart and in your head and then you have no idea what to do. In the best case one happens that yes with a dear human being and is based on reciprocity. Sometimes this happens when you have a great meal with refined spices and or here and there when you test a new fragrance.

At the very first approach with a Kerosene fragrance this can't happen unless you have a soft spot for black velvet pouches. Let's leave it at that. The bottle is a mysteriously dark square in the solid standard version and also has a simple lid. Inconspicuous, there wouldn't be the large brass plate on the front, into which the artist supposedly still put the letters of his label and perfume name by hand. Always a little crooked and crooked and just because of that so beautiful.

One sprayer and you get grazed by the bus. A second careless push on the nebulizer and it rolls over you. Yes, many have already written that and some have certainly meant the same thing, but only rarely does it really apply.

Here a very dense and very dark cloud overcomes you, with which some probably immediately screams incense and Oud. But you shouldn't make it that easy. The two sinister journeymen are certainly also in the game. But there are also amber, wood and musk, from which one has taken everything bright and shining and also everything liquid like in a black hole, until only the extract in the form of a dark crystal remains, which one grinds and blows into the nose. In order to soften this Mordor-like impression a little, the weak light in this tunnel is a fruit chord, clearly synthetic like Red-Berry-Iced-Tea from the Tetra-Pack. This may not be everyone's taste now, but in moments like this in this dark valley, it comes in handy because it at least intermittently softens the dark notes a bit. However, the fruits do not last long and a bitter, almost bitter peaty whiskey accent drives its dread, also always blown around by the dark, dark coke woods.

If you have recovered from the collision with the bus and ask how long you have been in a coma, you may be surprised, because the scent is still there. Also the next day, clearly. Very clear and still very expressive. Even in his clothes he lasts, two days, three days. For my part I apply this scent Scottish sparingly in the hollow of the knee, so that a sufficient distance to one's own nose is created and there are only softened scraps of scent wafting towards one's own nose.

Call me a macho who hasn't yet arrived gender-wise in the here and now, which I also don't want to deny in principle, but for me it's a men's scent. I don't know any woman I want to smell this scent on and I can't imagine any. Maybe Grace Jones, though, no! More like a battle-axe swinging Viking warrior who defends her children from the smoking ruins of her village from a marauding band of robbers. But I don't want to get too close to that woman either. But let's not do that, it won't lead to anything. It remains a man scent.

The inclined reader may ask himself at the latest now the question whether one must have and carry this smell in Dreiteufelsnamen. No. My answer is no. It's more of a scent to itself. Or if you would like to keep some distance to other people in public transport, offices, theatres, cinemas or at family celebrations. The fragrance is coarse, but still has a certain addictive factor. Similar to a bus accident, you don't want to see it, but still look ...
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