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Summer of 84 by Kerosene
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Summer of 84 is a popular limited perfume by Kerosene for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation Limited Edition
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Submitted by Sonic, last update on 20.07.2022.
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John, what happened?
Summer of 84 or Sweetly Known? Was the question that evening, when I opened the metal box full of Kerosene samples. Even I could not decide, a friend said 'Throw a coin, but have no idea, take the Summer!'
All right, here we go.

I knew what was coming, but was I prepared for it?
A look at my collection reveals two things: Kerosene I quite like but citrus scents are so not mine.
My experience with the metal can of Kerosene has taught me so far that John's creations can be strong, borderline and edgy on one side, but also damn well-behaved, yet different but almost out of the ordinary. Just compare Broken Theories with Unknown Pleasures .

To this creation here but now first briefly, then long:
I miss the edges and I would have liked something more wood, tobacco or something herbaceous and for my collection it is definitely too expensive for what it is.

Now in long version:
Holla, there's grapefruit. Neat. And then the lime pops. Then there's the bergamot. And then, for now, the feeling of a freshly sparkling soda is perfect.
But not the perfect that the friend of edgy compositions in me likes so much about Kerosene, but the perfect that will hopefully make people who are unfamiliar with Kerosene take a closer look at John's compositions.

Later, with flattening of the citrusy notes and a brief detour to the fruity notes of melon, the composition then gives a glimpse of the sea, on whose shores it blooms wildly and it is definitely really cozy. It even lasts an hour or two.
Cozy. That's a good word for this fragrance. It seems carefree, flowing, sunny warm and just right.
For a citrusy scent, this composition is pretty darn intense, long-lasting and multi-dimensional. At the same time familiar and round.

I can't imagine it next to my other cuties from Kerosene, I can't imagine it on me. But I can recommend Summer of 84 to anyone who likes fruity, citrusy, cocktail-y, or delicately nautical scents.

And now comes the absurd conclusion: for tomorrow I have chosen #unknown pleasures
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Golden Summer
I don't get the chance to try many Kerosene perfumes, but when a friend offered a decant of this one I jumped at it. Previously i had only tried the highly regarded Follow (reference coffee), and now I was keen to see what one of my favourite childhood summers smelled like.
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Summer of 2018
I had already referred in the last Kommi to the Superspmmer 2018.
Today, probably one of the sunny days and therefore one for a "light" fragrance.
You get up in the dark, but today I was overcome to test the sample of Summer of 84.

What do you want me to say? I'm quite taken, discreetly thrilled. What a great summer scent.
I've never smelt such an authentic citrus note, grapefruit first and foremost. In addition, it is quite room-filling for a citrus fragrance, but without getting annoying!!! You often hear something synthetic or "annoying" about something like that. Plus really long lasting for a fragrance of this category!
One really has the feeling that various citrus fruits are processed into a delicious juice in the immediate vicinity. Nevertheless you can take this fragrance "seriously" and wear it!

I hope this limitation lasts a little longer, because for next year it will definitely be on my wish list and even pretty much at the top.

I'm curious what Kerosene still has to offer:)

Until then, enjoy the last warm days!!

The H
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