Musk pour Narcis by Khadlaj / خدلج

Musk pour Narcis

22.03.2022 - 12:40 PM

Hidden Gem !!!

One of my Frag brother is very fond of UAE based perfume house and he basically introduced it to me . I was like , what the hell . I was super jealous . Hows this is possible at this price rate . This is elegant , sophisticated musk which not heavy just clean musk accompanied with citrus , floral and vanilla . Little sweet but with the musk , this is great on air . My wife complimented me at least 10 times . Even she called me from home , and complimented this perfume , she told me " when i left for office , my room was filled with the beautiful Aroma which she loved very much . The funny part is
this is still cheap . If you can score it , do it now before its too late . And one thing I should mention , The bottle design is one of the beautiful design in my collection , Absolutely a Banger .
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