Apple Brandy New York by Kilian

Apple Brandy New York 2013

05.05.2021 - 11:05 AM

Partying with Mr. Bond

Sidonie Lancesseur, the perfumer behind Kilian's Apple Brandy is also the nose responsible for many other wonderfully boozy scents such as Straight to Heaven, Single Malt or Frapin's 1270. To say she has mastered the alcoholic genre would be an understatement.

Here Madame Lancesseur has created yet another quintessential masculine Kilian fragrance: boozy but classy, sober yet playful, elegant and mischievous at the same time like a James Bond in party mode. In that sense the scent shares more similarities with the sweet Single Malt than the drier Straight to Heaven, although if the former featured whiskey and the latter rum, in Apple Brandy the protagonist drink is a more laid-back calvados or distilled cider liquor.

The sharp, tannin-filled opening is followed by the deep aroma of old oak barrels and smoke, and the balance of this simple and effective combo shifts as the scent dries down, from a rather fruity and very alcoholic opening to a much woodier, comforting and subdued final phase. Performance is discreet throughout but acceptable, perhaps a necessity for a subtle scent that invites a few chosen ones to come closer if they want great things to happen.

All in all another beautiful creation worth celebrating with the right company and a drink or two.
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