Back to Black Aphrodisiac (Perfume) by Kilian

Back to Black Aphrodisiac 2009 Perfume

04.02.2013 - 11:37 AM

Fb worthy for classy gourmand lovers

I first was able to test a vial of Back to Black, and despite the little dabs I was able to get, it went straight to the top of my want list. A year or so later, and I'm happy with my purchase! On a quick side note, I love the fact that you can buy a sturdy purse spray, and then use any Kilian refills you want in it. Very convenient for me, as i love to carry fragrance with me. Now for the scent. I'm getting to be picky about sweet scents, having owned far too many of them before finding better things were out there. This, will stay in rotation as my sexy night out fragrance! Cured pipe tobacco, wild honey (I mean real, spicy, wild honey!), juicy, tart berries, and then the fragrance goes into dark territory.. Here lie the woods, resins, & incense, the dark heart of a fragrance that could have gone sticky & syrupy. This is not for wallflowers! Back to Black is without doubt a sensual fragrance, people tend to want to follow it, and you will be noticed wearing it! Is no groundbreaker, true. But for those who will buy what they love, love for me is sweet, sensual, Back to Black!
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