Extreme Oud (2011)

Extreme Oud by Kilian
Bottle Design: Carré Basset
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Extreme Oud is a perfume by Kilian for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is resinous-oriental. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Calice Becker

Fragrance Notes

Papyrus, Gaiac wood, Copaiva balsam, Saffron, Cambodian oud



6.7 (10 Ratings)


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As Good As It Gets!!! (For Oud Lovers ONLY)
I am rarely moved enough by a perfume to write a review about it. Extreme Oud by Kilian is one of those rare fragrances that makes me believe, even if it's only for a while, that my quest for that "one" perfect scent is finally over! Although we all know such a thing doesn't exist, we still hope that some day we will find it. Refined noses can't settle on a signature scent: there are different seasons, various times in a day, diverse moods and many distinct life occasions to limit ourselves to JUST one perfume.

Calice Becker has delivered an oud fragrance that is very reminiscent of ASAQ's Kings Blend. I'm surprised this has received low ratings by some fellow members, but then again I need to remind myself that I have spent the last five years sniffing hundreds of ouds, natural and synthetic, to develop an acquired taste and to appreciate its endless nuances.

Extreme Oud is made of rich, dark Cambodian oud. Cambodian agarwood is highly sought after, for its hypnotic and tranquilizing aroma. It is ideal for scenting oneself and for those times when you just want to relax. The first wisps of smoke are intensely sweet, narcotic, cinammony, with some nutmeg, and a healthy dose of berries and figs. As the chip continues to burn, the scent becomes more woody and earthy. Finally, like Kings Blend, the whole composition is permeated with majestic wild flowers and first rate ta'if rose. However, this is NOT your typical oud/rose combo: it's lush, deep, intense and dark and smells natural, yet otherworldly. Extreme Oud is one of the few fragrances that seduces the primal reptilian part of my brain, as I unwillingly (or willingly?) surrender to my vices...

This is an oud lover's dream journey! For an authentic Middle-Eastern feeling, which is the target audience of this Middle East Exclusives line, and if you are really, really into morphing, undulating, sensuous ouds, you must have this. I am so grateful to have found this masterpiece!
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