Sweet Redemption (2011)

Sweet Redemption by Kilian
Bottle Design Carré Basset
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Sweet Redemption is a perfume by Kilian for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is sweet-floral. It is still in production.

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Calice Becker

Fragrance Notes

Benzoin, Myrrh, Opoponax, Orange blossom, Vanilla, Frankincense



7.2 (175 Ratings)


7.9 (137 Ratings)


7.2 (132 Ratings)


8.2 (135 Ratings)
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8.0 8.0 8.0 7.0/10

3 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    9
Where does sweetness end and salvation begin?
No - the headline is not meant to be quite heretical in relation to the fragrance, but it is a bit obvious.

Finally Sweet Redemption rumbles almost mercilessly with his opulent orange blossom sweetness, as if there were no tomorrow left. The orange blossom threatens to weigh almost tons on this fine soft vanilla background. A bit of bubblegum characteristics can't be completely dismissed and if you listen carefully you think you can perceive some neroli, which wouldn't be so strange.

As far as benzoin is concerned, this one, together with the incense, later appears to be quite restrained, for how are the two supposed to assert themselves with so much orange blossom?

At the very first run, I would have guessed that there might be more flowers like tuberose or heliotrope in the game, but that's probably just imagination. It would be interesting if someone had had a similar experience.

The fact is, however, that Sweet Redemption seems somewhat overmodulated for my personal taste. In addition, something has gotten into it that makes the composition seem slightly unclean (and by that I don't mean the above-mentioned flowers). And after many hours of wearing one longs towards the end for some more development. So much orange blossom saturates the nose at some point.

And I can't help but compare the fragrance with Soir de Marrekech by Abderrazzak Benchaâbane, which is definitely the reference for orange blossom. Was here years ago on Parfumo a secret tip and still has its justification as a top fragrance.
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10.0 10.0 10.0 9.0/10

91 Reviews
Honeyed and Sweet
One of my favorite Orange Blossoms.

This is a honeyed and sweet orange blossom. Very edible. The orange blossom and opoponax are the dominant notes in the opening but I get a hint of incense and vanilla too.

The heart is more benzoin than opoponax and I loose the incense but the oranges blossom is still dominant.

The incense comes back in the drydown and becomes the dominant note with the orange blossom. There's also a hint of vanilla and myrhh. this is the least sweet stage of the scent which is good because by the time you get to the drydown you need a break from the sweetness. Or at least I do.

The longevity is great, about 11 hours. I catch snatches of it up to a day later though. The sillage is huge (BOOM), so use a light hand or you'll suffocate.


This is my second review of this scent. My first review was written in the hot and humid summer of Florida. This review was written in the cooler and drier winter.

For the first time ever I got the root beer note others have mentioned. It surprised me. Besides the root beer note it opens with a Honeyed Orange Blossom full of Opoponax and Vanilla (which probably adds to the root beer). There is a menthol/ medicinal quality here, sitting behind the Orange Blossom, that reminds me of fresh, crushed orange leaves. Could it be from the Myrrh? Orange leaf isn't listed but I swear it's in there. The opening also has a hint of incense in the background. It's a very sweet opening. Not candy sweet but that sweet scent you know will taste bitter, like vanilla extract. It's a really interesting dynamic.

As it warms up, the Orange Blossoms comes forward more and the root beer edge lessens. It's also a little more dessert sweet than vanilla extract-like bitter sweet (for lack of a better way to explain it). It's a lovely change and very different from the opening. There is also more... Orange... pulp? I don't know what it is, but it has a nice Zing and I am still getting a hint of that menthol/ medicinal quality that I think of as fresh crushed orange leaves. The Zing and the medicinal really balance out the dessert sweetness. It's truly lovely.

The dry down is still mostly Incense with Vanilla and a hint of Myrrh. The Vanilla isn't very sweet and it is a nice break from the sweetness of the other two stages. It's warm and comforting. I'm not sure which is my favorite stage but the dry down is very beautiful.

It's actually that menthol / medicinal edge, that I perceive as crushed orange leaves, that really makes this a work of art. The composition walks the line between overly sweet and overly medicinal like a tightrope walker who's perfected their skills and can run across the tightrope, blindfolded with no net. It's mastery of an art and beautiful to experience.

How this composition wears is greatly impacted by the temperature and humidity (at least for me it is). More so than any other scent I've worn (except maybe Seville). The longevity is amazing and lasts forever. The Silage is NUCLEAR and you will kill people if you are not careful and use a light hand.

10.0 5.0 2.5 5.0/10

693 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
Over-priced Orange Creamsicle...
Not a bad scent to be sure, but not impressive either. The scent on my skin is extremely subtle and does not change much. I pretty much get the smell of an Orange Cream Popsicle throughout, and I never liked those much. Longevity was well below average on my skin. I give this walking creamsicle a 2.5 star out of 5 rating. Not recommended.
10.0 5.0 5.0 8.0/10

68 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
Oh Happy Day!
Give me anything that is Neroli or Orange Blossom dominant and I usually am in high spirits.
This is no exception.
There is something about these notes that is so joyful and energising.
Take a long and slow sniff and … ahhhh.

It’s a known fact through many clinical trials that jasmine has an effect on the brain that is as strong, if not stronger than antidepressant medication.
It really would not surprise me if Neroli does the same.
After all, our emotions are based on chemical interactions within the brain, so it boils down to logic that different smells, will prompt a variety of physical stimuli in the grey matter.

Sweet Redemption has an almost gourmand personality.
It is a very well rounded and comfortable fragrance to wear.
A cosy perfume with an acidulated edge.
Projection is medium and so is its longevity.

A really lovely creation by Mr Kilian … the price, however makes me reluctant to invest because there are plenty of other delicious and far more affordable offerings on the market that are way too similar to warrant the expenditure.
2 Replies
7.5 7.5 8.0/10

1165 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
My favourite By Kilian
I'm just tuning into the house of By Kilian now, at the supposed end of the L’Oeuvre Noire series, with Sweet Redemption. I had heard a lot about this house being on the strong side, and seeming that I like bold and somewhat outrageous smelling fragrances, I find that this house, and this fragrance in particular, suit my personal tastes.

Sweet Redemption is either a love it or hate it. I personally adore it, however I have had many repeated wearings, over which time the scent has grown on me. It opens with a deliciously zesty and juicy mandarin orange, slightly sweet but also very natural. Once settled, Sweet Redemption has a somewhat medicinal accord, slightly antiseptic but strangely likable.

The scent becomes darker and richer as the fragrance progresses. My nose seems to detect a hint of creamy benzoin, chocolate, vanilla icecream and smoky myrrh. Honestly, it is a bit of a gourmand experience, especially with all the vanillary and orangey sweetness.

The base is quite sexy, with the myrrh, incense and opoponax creating something quite animalistic and gritty. I've been game enough to wear this to quite a few social gatherings, where men in particular have gone bananas over the drydown of this fragrance on my skin. It is unisex after all, and although sweet, I wouldn't call Sweet Redemption entirely feminine.

This fragrance clings to fabric so well, that I can smell it on my coats and jumpers for days. The longevity is of course, very impressive, as is the sillage, which could knock someone out if applied too heavily. All in all, I'm impressed.

28 Reviews
Very helpful Review    3
Rootbeer, menthol, vanilla.... I dunno. Must be my skin.
I immediately smelled the orange flower in the opening, but it mellowed out fairly quickly when the benzoin, incense and vanilla notes totally took over, and laid in a murky thick puddle. My final impression of Sweet Redemption is that it's a sweet menthol-root beer concoction. Yup. Very odd, this one's just not working on my skin. I gladly shared my sample with someone who loves it. Can't win'em all right?
1 Replies
7.5 7.5 5.0/10

1239 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Cooked Sugar-Glazed Orange Blossoms
By Kilian SWEET REDEMPTION seems like a very simple perfume to me. I smell orange blossom, I smell benzoin, and I smell vanilla--and that's about it. Each of these components seems very clear and identifiable, what is rare in composed perfumes. The overall effect to my nose is that of cooked-sugar glazed orange blossoms. The purported other notes present may well be muted by the high sugar content here.

I think that whether people like this perfume is going to turn on a question of taste: do you like orange blossoms pure and unadulterated, or are you open to a sweetened version? In my case, I am so enamored of straight-up orange blossom that the addition of a vanilla benzoin coating seems a bit disruptive. That is most likely because I can think of few things in the universe as wonderful as the scent of fresh orange blossoms...

Try before you buy.


Lexa 3 years ago
So wished my redemption was so sweet and perfumed.Sweetened by vanilla orange blossoms,thicker than the great majority of killians,lovely+2

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