Apple Brandy on the Rocks by Kilian

Apple Brandy on the Rocks 2021

01.09.2021 - 03:07 AM

A crowd pleaser

Another one from the Liquors by Kilian that is going to make it into all top-whatever-lists on youtube afer last year's Angels' Share. The perfume is super likable. The fruity part is not too sweet, the woody not too tart. Together they are delicious, right in the middle of the balance between too straightforward catering to the tastes of the masses and the Kilian-esque elegance. Not super original, but super cozy and pleasant and probably going to be a success commercially.
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ShojoidShojoid 2 years ago
This is such a great chocolaty scent! Don't know what exactly produces this effect. I guess it could be the combination of patchouli, vetiver and ambery components, but this is just so perfect! Aromatic, deep, woody and most of all - chocolaty!...
ShojoidShojoid 2 years ago
A herby soul of Mallorca! Just like the typical local drink, one can feel the island and its nature in this perfume. An aromatic mix of different herbs and wood mixes to form a tart, slightly bitter composition. Sandalwood comes through beautifully...