Poivre Piquant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Poivre Piquant 2002

05.01.2012 - 10:44 PM
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An unusual fragrance with a somewhat misleading name

A very warm, interesting, unusual fragrance with a somewhat misleading name.

There is pepper, of course. White pepper. But it's definitely not "piquant", and for most of the (very short) longevity of the scent, it seems to only play a supporting role. The pepper is most noticeable in the very early top notes (together with an elusive note that reminds me of thyme, but not quite) and at this stage it really is very good indeed.

It is however quickly taken over by a soft, silky, milk and honey accord. The honey is just right: light and not too sweet. The milk seems to be mixed with spices, and at some times I was reminded of Chai.

The spices and pepper (when they emerge, from time to time) play hide and seek with the milk and honey and I find this to be very pleasantly orchestrated.

If only Poivre Piquant had a bit more longevity and sillage! It's gone way too quickly to be fully appreciated; that's a shame because it will stop many (including myself) from getting a full bottle.

Not a fragrance to wear when you want to be noticed, but great to relax at home on a freezing winter day...

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