30.08.2021 - 02:07 PM
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Incense masterpiece!

Yeah, it is really a masterpiece. And you know that when you smell something different that fits you well and gives you different facets during the lifetime, plus makes you feel better and complete.

This is a incense scent with a green vetiver base and supported by fruity and slightly spicy elements. Sometimes I get berries, sometimes I get mango. I'm their website, they list red berries as a note but on Parfumo/Fragrantica they list Mango. I guess the mango association comes to a comparison of another scent that, to me, has a similar vibe and some similar notes. Un jardin sur le Nil by Hermès.

They both have vetiver, fruity elements (mango) and incense. The difference is that the Hermès is more green and watery and a bit more citrusy. This, in contrary, is a bit more resinous and airy. I love both but i find this one a more grown up version of the Hermès.

To me, it's a great summer / mild weather scent. It's refreshing due to the fruity facet and has character with vetiver and incense notes. I always prefer to wear vetiver scents during spring and summer time. They just work. And this one is no exception. Doesn't evolve much since the fresh fruity vibe starts to dry down a bit. It gets a bit more woody. But the sillage is superb. Not that it projects a lot but the sillage for the first hours is really alluring and relaxing.

Incense is a very relaxing note. And combined with fruits, resins (i detect a bit of myrrh), green vetiver and incense makes it perfect. Duchaufour is a master of incense scents and is capable of create this weird but great combo of fruits and resins (see Jubilation XXV). I just can't get enough of it.

I can't see any imperfections on this one. The performance is good, sillage/bubble scent is perfect, the smell it's outstanding and the price is decent for what you get. Overall, a must have fragrance, a classic and a perfect scent.


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