01.12.2020 - 07:09 AM
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A Heady Leather-Incense Mix
What happens when you mix leather, incense, and oil-soluble spices such as cardamom, along with a few assorted woody elements and flower petals? Answer: L'Artisan Parfumeur DZONGKHA, a thick, warm, and heavy composition with excellent longevity and good sillage.

In this contest of strong notes, leather does not win, as I might have predicted. Instead, I find that the incense really dominates DZONGKHA, but the leather combined with the incense mingle with wood and cardamom in the drydown, leaving little room for anything else. The tea, peony and iris do not manage to break through as self-assertive notes, at least not to my nose, but perhaps they temper the mix a bit.

DZONGKHA offers a subtler presentation of leather, somewhat ironically tempered by a very dark incense note, but both abide throughout the life of this scent, resting upon cedar in the end. Even in the edt concentration, this heady mix hits me not as a fragrance but as a perfume. I recommend DZONGKHA to oriental lovers for wintertime wear.

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