25.11.2020 - 01:27 AM
Opens with a blend of iris and tea (with milk). The iris root is the prefect match for the underlying accord, as it is both green (like the tea) and smooth (like the milk). Vetiver and cypriol form a sheath enveloping the two head notes with their salty-green and peppery-rooty nuances . A fresh floral accent - undoubtedly the peony - lightens and brightens the composition, it adds a dewy-sweet facet (lychee maybe playing a part in this) to the blend. This fragrance is cool and greenish, but also slightly spicy and smoky (cardamom and incense) in a vague, watercolor-like manner. It reminds me of Hermes' Paprika Brazil, only this scent is lighter and less spicy. As the notes develop and the flowers and grasses burn out, the fragrances becomes drier, but remains its pleasant coolness. I now see mainly vetiver-cedar blended together and a remnant of iris. The cold incense note adds a smooth, vaguely metallic finish to the accord which makes me think of of Timbuktu the more the scent progresses towards the dry down.

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WRothWRoth 5 years ago
(untitled) - Maison Margiela

(untitled) (untitled)
This fragrance starts with a bitter green note surrounded by a sweet woodsy note similar to liquorice. The result is like thick herbal liquor – unfortunately I do not like what I see. The green accord is on one hand too cloying and on the other hand...

WRothWRoth 5 years ago
Vanilia - L'Artisan Parfumeur

Vanilia Vanilia
This fragrance starts with an accord made of vanilla and ylang ylang. Reminiscent of Vanilla Galante, this fragrance is sweeter and heavier than the Hermessence. The two notes, spice and floral, are well-blended and harmonise perfectly. Underneath the two note...