2 Violaceum by L'Artisan Parfumeur
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2 Violaceum is a perfume by L'Artisan Parfumeur for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is leathery-floral. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Daphné Bugey

Fragrance Notes

Violet, Leather, Carrot, Saffron



7.3 (10 Ratings)


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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 13.07.2019
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2 Violaceum
One of the pioneers in niche perfumery, L'Artisan Parfumeur differs in its main line from the approach that ended up consolidating and defining the sector in recent years. I perceive that its line has a more abstract and creative face with less focus on both the author and the note itself - even perfumes named after a certain material (such as Premier Figuer) are still more complex and abstract compositions than what often appear in other niche brands. With the Natura Fabularis line the brand seems to go in a direction that unites what has been done in the market with its identity.

It comes to me mainly tje influence of two major competitors of the brand in the niche sector in aspects of the line. In Natura Fabularis L'Artisan seems to channel the focus on the perfumer, something that has consolidated and became part of the identity of Frederic Malle. At the same time, it uses the numbering in the identity in a similar way to Le Labo, however indicating the number of attempts of the perfumer until arriving at the final result. Finally, the brand, even if it looks at the abstract, turns more to something concrete, an imaginary garden working in different textures and seeking to evoke romantic and dark sensations (in the same way as Givenchy in its Gaiac Mystique).

All this conceptualization does not fail in 2 Violaceum because the perfumer Daphné Bugey does an excellent job in capturing an ephemeral and fragile violet. Violet is a note more versatile than it looks in the perfumery, being able to be worked in directions like powdery, green, aquatic and even leather. The perfumer finds a way to balance the most melancholy and retro side of sweet powdery violetwith the darkest leather aspect of it. For this, we have the carrot giving a certain earthiness and balancing the powdery and sweet side of the idea while the saffron gives a dry spicy aura and a nuance of leather. Secondary green violets nuances are present along with an aura of musk to give depth to a linear and harmonic scent on the skin. It is an idea that has its beauty in the simplicity and harmony of the elements and that certainly works by the fine adjustment of the composition and not by the novelty of the proposed elements.

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