Piment Brûlant (2002)

Piment Brûlant by L'Artisan Parfumeur
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Piment Brûlant is a perfume by L'Artisan Parfumeur for women and was released in 2002. The scent is spicy-green. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen chili, Chili leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesRed chili, Clove, Poppy
Base Notes Base NotesCocoa bean, Tonka bean, Bourbon vanilla



6.6 (82 Ratings)


6.5 (59 Ratings)


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7.8 (60 Ratings)
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8.0 6.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
A slimming scent?
Hello there!
Today I write to Piment Brûlant of L'Artisan. When I saw the name, I thought that this could be a rather peculiar fragrance, as I had confused the term Brûlant with Brûlée and therefore expected a peppery crème brûlée (*börks*)... yes yes, as if you wouldn't even confuse several French terms! D

No, the scent actually has nothing to do with the well-known dessert (which I still haven't tried to this day, by the way...), because Brûlant means "hot" or "glowing", so you should be prepared for a sharp scent. Didn't I? It wouldn't be too bad, because it is said that spicy food or chilli peppers are supposed to stimulate the burning of fat in the body, so that it would help to lose weight, which is certainly quite welcome, especially now that Christmas is over. And with all the snowfall at the moment, you like to encapsulate yourself at home, wrap yourself in blankets and spend the evening with treats, don't you? D
Pooh... I still have cookies lying around...!!!

But let's see how the scent smells here, as much as I like spicy food, as little I like peppery scents in scents normally....

The fragrance:
The scent begins with a mix of very light green notes, then a scent that reminds slightly of paprika (but is much less juicy), a little cloves and the indicated chili notes. However, the chilli is not as hot and "glowing" as the name suggests. But if you smell it, you might think that you would be sniffing one, not spicy, but still piquant pepperoni, one of these varieties that you can eat pleasantly with a meal without burning your tongue right away (although I like to eat quite spicy, even if you should not taste the actual taste of the dish for a short while if you eat too spicy food with some dishes :D).
In the further course of the scent, the chilli goes more and more over to pepper, and this begins to smell somewhat intensively. However, this doesn't last too long, because soon the intensity of the pepper drops to a quite pleasant level, so that it doesn't really smell pungent, even if you should continue to perceive it quite well. The green notes become stronger and continue to remind me of fresh peppers or (not hot) peppers. These notes are also very pleasant and smell quite good.
Towards the end one still smells pimento or pepper, but the fragrance is a little softer, since the green notes have largely disappeared and instead one smells softer notes with a light, slight sweetness, i.e. vanilla and tonka bean. However, the sweet scents do not last soo long for the time being, so that one soon smells again rather of pepperoni and paprika as well as pepper. Only in the very late base are the peppery notes so weak that sweet scents like vanilla can be smelled again.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is mediocre. Despite peppery notes, the fragrance is not really intense or even pungent, but remains rather weak most of the time, so that you can smell it more closely. The shelf life is about six to seven hours, that's okay.

The bottle:
The bottle is heptagonal and has a narrow vertical stripe as a label on the front. At least this was still the case with the older flacons. The new bottles are also heptagonal, but are no longer completely clear, but have black accents, which also looks quite nice. However, I don't like the white, simple etiquette as much as the old, colourful etiquette anymore, but apart from that L'Artisan offers very nice bottles.

Soo... that was now the "Glowing Carnation Pepper" as it is written here on Parfumo as a translation of the fragrance name. Well, first of all, I don't find the scent "glowing", because it doesn't have this sharp scent, which sometimes emanates from hot chili peppers, where you think about putting on gloves instead of touching them with your bare hands when handling the very nasty sharp species and then later accidentally scratching either the eye or ... somewhere else :D

Of course you can now say that this is a perfume and therefore should smell more "perfumed" instead of etching away the fine (... and long??? :D) nose hairs, but also the pepper scent is not soo strong here. Okay, this one is quite well smellable and that over the entire course of the fragrance, but there are scents which smell much more pungent of pepper (and therefore also more unpleasant) than this fragrance here and where the name of the fragrance would therefore be more appropriate.
And quite later, when a leeeichte sweetness germinates, the fragrance reminds of these disgusting chili chocolates. You know, this kind of chocolate that you don't give someone for loving them or for wanting to make them happy, but where the person is more of an enemy and you want to give him or her something weird :DD

Anyway, I think the fragrance in general is okay. It doesn't smell bad now, but it doesn't smell very good either, so that I now don't know what I could use it for. I personally didn't like it that much during the day (otherwise you could use it during the day especially in spring and autumn), and it's not at all suitable for the evenings because it's quite unspectacular. Well, it's leisure time, but well... everyone has to know that now.

I would recommend it for testing, but there are much more beautiful scents to buy from L'Artisan
4 Replies
6.0 2.0 6.0 6.5/10

213 Reviews
Green Bell Pepper
While checking the notes listed in Piment Brûlant, the savoury dark chocolate spiced up by chili pepper immediately pops into my head. Unfortunately, on me the chocolate never manages to peek out. Upon application, it smells spicy, green and crisp, like many have pointed out, the freshly cut green bell pepper. I can hardly get other notes suggested. After about 4 hours, it evolves towards red chili pepper but overall it remains the same cold spicy tone which is a similar ambiance that I got from Un Jardin après la Mousson.

The sillage is close to skin. The longevity is at least 6 hours. A very interesting olfactory exprience though not exactly what I expected. It's actually a versatile fragrance, fresh enough for summer, spicy enough for winter. However, it lacks something sensual to evoke a 'love' for the scent itself. I'd love to get a small bottle for my collection, but a 100ml bottle just seems an eternity to me.

57 Reviews
No sugary sweetness here, just a vegetable garden.
Just because “chocolate” and “vanilla” are listed in the fragrance description doesn’t mean Piment Brulant is a sweet fragrance; there’s nothing sweet about it! In fact, I can’t smell any cocoa or chocolate OR vanilla. Not one ounce of sugary sweetness here, just a vegetable garden… FRESH vegetables. Fresh, but not in a soapy or “aqua” way. I know it has clove in it, but the clove note is so well-blended that it isn’t noticeable. Overall, a somewhat unique, although somewhat familiar, fragrance. Whatever their original intention, I give L’Artisan a Thumbs Up for duplicating the smell of a farmers market, and converting it into a surprisingly wearable fragrance.

300 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
for sweet + pepper, try the Mugler version
While there is a nice hot pepper here, I agree with most of the other reviewers that the complementary gourmand notes are undetectable. Like Sherapop, I get a lot of green bell pepper (capsicum) as well as the hot stuff. It's not unpleasant, but doesn't match up well to its note listing. I much prefer the A*Men Taste of Perfume (Le Gout du Parfum), which has a lovely coffee-wood-vanilla contrast to the chili pepper. (Unfortunately, it was a limited edition. But, as of December 2013, you can still find a few samples and bottles of it on US eBay.)
2 Replies
10.0 2.5 2.5 5.0/10

261 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Piment Brûlant is like going for a walk in the seed-plot behind the small house of your grandmother or aunt. The old lady is boasting the strong vegetables, the paprika, the tomato.
Piment Brûlant is a nice, fresh, weird fragrance with stem and leaves, totally natural, but unfortunately the sillage is weak and the fume is longing to go back to the nature, so it gets rid of the skin as soon as possible.

(Sample was tested from sample vial, without spray.)

11 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Paprika passion.
Piment Brulant is an interesting discovery for me. Not because I've never heard about the actual paprika-chocolate combo,but because for me this was the very first encounter with paprika note used in perfume.This is the reason why I gave a try to this scent,because I thought: if the pairing of chocolat-chilli culinary works together-forming a piquant taste,then perhaps should work well for the olfactory world as well?.:)

Piment Brulant is a special fragrance.To me evokes sweet memories about Hungary, where I was born. Paprika and chilli is one of the famous product of my country, the hungarians very proud of the hungarian paprika.
The initial blast of this perfume on me the exact smell of the freshly cutted green chilli paprika with its characteric features. Green, slightly bitter and vegetal smell with almost nose-tingling effect.Under this crisp and fresh flavor I can smell pale flowers in the background with hardly sweet cocoa and slightly noticable raspberry note. Warm and spicy, piquant and really unique combination is this.The hot chilli is stays focus in the middle phase as well,rounded its edginess with sweet cocoa and vanilla.As the time goes by the scent getting deeper and warmer,amber and the poppy flower make the composition richer and thicker.The debut intensity turns into a sophisticated piquancy.The scent itself well-balanced,warm but fresh,spicy and savoury.If this fragrance was really inspired by the aztech's famous chocolate drink,I have to say Mr.Douchaufour perfectly image that.

Piment Brulant is special and undoubtedly unique fragrance.Strangely pleasant and pleasantly strange.Maybe a little astounding at the first moments but worth wait the outcome.

Perhaps Piment Brulant a little too gourmand for my taste, but I admit,I had a very pleasant experience with this scent. The strong presense of the chilli pepper is amazingly lift up the character of this fragrance, gives a sparkling and quirky edge to the perfume. I recommend to sampling this scent before buying but if You have a chance,really worth to give a try to this interesting perfume.

If you are looking for a new olfactory adveture, here you are: Piment Brulant is a perfect fragrance for the begin of exploring.;)
7.5 5.0 7.5 5.0/10

1239 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
Salsa Facsimile
Now that Iron chefs have flung open the floodgates to culinary creativity, I'm willing to try just about anything. I was skeptical, but I tried Lindt dark chocolate studded with red chili peppers and discovered that it actually tastes quite good. Do the same notes mingle harmoniously in perfume? Bernard Duchaufour apparently set out to find the answer to this question by creating L'Artisan Parfumeur PIMENT BRULANT.

Although I applaud the designer's daring, his willingness to risk ridicule for having produced a perfume which smells EXACTLY like salsa, I'm afraid my admiration does not extend so far as to be willing to wear such a scent. A strong green bell pepper note combines in this composition with red chili peppers and a slightly acidic quality to produce a fragrance empirically indistinguishable from, believe it or not: salsa.

This is *not* mole: I do not even pick up on the chocolate note. Nor do the cinnamon or vanilla break through the wall of chili as isolable notes. What we have here, in effect, is a rich, delicious, high-quality chili powder comprising many different spices ground together--including perhaps even poppy seeds--in liquid form.

Interesting, yes. Perhaps wearable, in theory, as a novelty fragrance. Full-bottle worthy? Don't think so. No, not for me.
5.0 5.0 5.0 9.0/10

362 Reviews
Piment Brulant
mmmmmmmm red chili peppers dipped in dark chocolate
with red poppies makes me think of a Lasse Hallstrom film
Chocolat when Juliette Binoche's character Vianne Rocher sturring up
a repressed town with her scandalious
Chocholate reciepes she breaks convention like this
or during the restoration period during the reign
of King Charles II when is was the end
of the Protectorate rule with all of it's
austerity and repression.
the restorian brought freedom and prosperity
with thearters with lavish
sets the courts of france and england
made of copious amount of silks from china
spices from india Pompous men with long wig
fashioned in curls
women in lavish costume full of regal
splender entertainment is a anything goes
orgy full of actrobats dancers
Comic hariquinns and a endless line of
food from faraway lands imported from
the new world indians with mohawk hair
presenting an unsual new delicesey
chocolate with red hot pepper inside
with creamy vanilla.

this is a not a conventional fragrance
if you what to think outside the box
of high fashion perfumes and the average
fragrance notes of florals fruits and musk in the


KimJong 7 days ago
It was a good try. But not all efforts to implement originality always pay off. It just smell like a fairtrade+eco kitchen.

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