Albero di Giada (2019)

Albero di Giada by L'Erbolario
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Albero di Giada is a new perfume by L'Erbolario for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.

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Bergamot, Yellow rose, White tea, Jade vine, Verbena, Amber



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A Chinese princess without a happy ending
Trying out a new fragrance is always exciting for me. This time even more so. Because my test candidate is said to release positive energies. How he does it and where he gets it from is not revealed. But there is one clue: The fragrance is Albero di Giada from L'Erbolario Lodi. This is the jade tree (Portulacaria afra), also known as the money tree or the spiked tree, which almost everyone knows. The plant with the thick trunk of soft wood is a true African, but is increasingly popular with us as a bonsai or indoor ornamental. In autumn, the little tree adorns itself with small, white, star-shaped flowers. Their essence is contained in the perfume according to the manufacturer.
The succulent tree, also known as the shilling tree, was already attributed a special significance in antiquity: As a houseplant, it should - if it thrives - bring prosperity, happiness and money blessing.

I just applied some liquid from my sample letter - and now I'm waiting for happiness and prosperity to arrive. Until then I let the pleasant new fragrance take effect on me. The first impressions are - interesting. At first the fragrance seems a little synthetic - or at least idiosyncratic. Various fragrances unfold, but seem to struggle for supremacy rather than enter into a harmonious symbiosis. This is a little irritating for me. Because once the fragrance appears to me to be extremely sweet, then the green, fresh element comes to the fore. So leaves and grasses are the leitmotif of this fragrance ...! But as soon as I have found this Ariadne thread through the labyrinth, it suddenly becomes - surprise, surprise - quite citric. Strikingly citric, in fact. For me, however, this citrus note does not come from the bergamot, which is allegedly also contained in the fragrance bouquet, but from the verbena, the verbena that was used in religious myths in ancient times. So it is not the cheerful, light, fruity aroma of bergamot that we are dealing with here, but a lemon with a more "herbaceous" smell. Bergamot, on the other hand, is only present in the background, without developing a strong presence.

The yellow rose passes by briefly, smiles a more breathy hello over - and leaves again. Alas, alas, for it was soft and sweet and graceful. The white tea is even more difficult to identify. I appreciate this fragrance, but for this mixture of fragrances it is probably too weak to be noticed at all. I don't know what the flowers of the jade plant smell like. But I think that this olfactory conglomerate of green grasses and fresh leaves could owe its existence to them. Amber I only recognize here as a kind of "accompanying ingredient", which does not really develop a life of its own.

What remains of all this is the duality between green notes and the citrus freshness of verbena. The two are arguing about priority, so to speak. In the end, the green notes prove to be more durable. Finally, the impression of an elegant, soapy to creamy fragrance is consolidated, which makes its wearer appear well-groomed and clean.

No doubt, the scent "has something"; it is attractive, I like to sniff after it because it makes me curious. But something seems to be wrong with the structure of the pyramid of scents. The scent seems "unfinished" to me. It does not tell a congruent story in its course. He wanders around a little, as if searching for himself or a way out of the chaos. Such things can be exciting. But here it is rather irritating, because the fragrance, as I feel it, wants to be harmonious, soft, lovely, graceful, feminine. By the way, he conveys this most easily when the yellow rose drops by again.

Just as the shilling tree is not at home here, the scent reveals itself to be somehow foreign - a beautiful Chinese princess from a fairy tale, preciously wrapped in colourful silk, interesting, charming, but also distant and cool - without perhaps wanting to be. And so we are all waiting for a happy ending: the Chinese princess with a penchant for harmony, me, as a confused user, and many others with us as well. We are waiting for Giada 0.2, which will keep all promises and finish the promising story. Of course we wish for a happy ending, where everything dissolves in harmony and cheerfulness. But there seems to be a long way to go until then. Therefore, if necessary, we would even settle for some kind of ending, even if it is not quite as happy as we would like it to be.

All this brings me finally to the question: Who is this perfume for, when could you wear it? Well, I wouldn't use it on business appointments. There is too much fairy-tale stuff about it - however, the fantastic doesn't necessarily come from a tender romanticism, but rather from a manga with shrill colours - which is also reminded by the striking green of the packaging and bottle. Seen in this light, the fragrance is by no means retro or nostalgic. But he runs out of breath too quickly. In the end, all that remains is the impression of something indefinably creamy, slightly sweet, which appears well-groomed and discreet, but remains diffuse, as if it could or would not make up its mind. I miss the personality in this veil dance.

Although the fragrance has strong citric chords, I do not necessarily see it as a refreshing summer scent. I would probably wear it at the end of summer and early autumn. But I am by no means determined to buy this fragrance at the moment. For me the whole thing lacks substance. I already have a relatively distinctive scent of L'Erbolario that I find interesting: Ambraliquida. I like it best shortly after spraying, when it unfolds powerfully. But like Albero di Giada, Ambraliquida has a disappointingly short shelf life. So I probably won't buy the scent after all.
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Jazzy76 9 months ago
A precious and refreshing sap to enjoy in the good season. It's the breath of nature. Average sillage but not so cheap for a 50ml one size

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