Fiore Dell'Onda 2010

Fiore Dell'Onda by L'Erbolario
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Fiore Dell'Onda is a perfume by L'Erbolario for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is aquatic-floral. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Submitted by Inala, last update on 06.12.2022.
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Water Lilies in Fairyland
Why this fragrance?
The smells that you can perceive at the sea or the sea - this salty, sea spray - I like very much. When I discovered Parfumo a few years ago for me, I was looking for fragrances that contain this seaweed note and came across Fiore Dell`Onda - the flower of the waves - among others. I really wanted to try this one! The fact that there were too few comments and statements didn't stop me from buying it blind, the other way round - spurred me on! Also the fragrance description of L'Erbolario promised tempting: of foaming ocean waves was the speech and of flowers that rock on it - an exciting image!

Scent impression?
The scent impression is a bit special and kind of funny. Why? Because it is very difficult to imagine what kind of waters we are talking about here.
With this fragrance you get no iodine, no silt, no seaweed, no salt. So a trip to the North Sea or Normandy is already out of the question. But I was ready for that, because the fragrance notes have also promised nothing of the sort (except for red algae, perhaps). Will it be something with the Mediterranean or the South Seas? Well, here you get no pronounced citrus, no coconut, no tiare flower, no vanilla etc. pp.
So - river or stream? Pond or pond? Lake or pond? And where located? Internet research with a foray into oceanology and limnology (yes, I didn't know the term before either) yielded nothing. But after repeated testing and wearing, I think I know where the journey goes - and that is to the lovely lake in a lovely magic land, where lovely flower fairies are up to their mischief (is it allowed to say that about fairies?)
The fragrance starts fresh, upbeat, slightly sweet (a bit of citrus can be guessed) and actually slightly algae - possibly water lilies? Then come loosely-flockig any flowers approached, which I can unfortunately not distinguish from each other - so neither violet nor white rose, as it says in the advertised fragrance notes. Just imagine the vegetation in fairyland - all lovely. This fresh watery floral slightly sweet note dominates the whole scent run and hardly changes for my liking. It also seems to me a little artificial, but this somehow fits the fragrance character - so not synthetic, but just "not of this world".

The flacon captivates with the bright blue color, but disappoints somewhat with the shape. He looks like a Apotekenfläschchen in blue and does not seem particularly fairy-like. Owed probably the image of the quite sympathetic brand, which specializes in natural ingredients?

The durability is very good and the said main note is even the next day easily perceptible, on the clothing even longer. The sillage is rather moderate. A small note - on the Flaconfotos, which are to be found on the net, one sees either the writing "Aqua di profumo" or "Profumo". I own a "Profumo" flacon.

A light-footed somewhat shallow floral adequate from the land of unicorns and fairies. For hot days, however, he can be quite nice if you want to feel something fresh on the skin. And a little fairy dust does not hurt yes :)
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