Adiós Pampamia Hombre (Eau de Toilette) by La Martina

Adiós Pampamia Hombre 2011 Eau de Toilette

19.04.2019 - 02:59 PM

Delicate like the evening caress

I was captivated by the flask. The shape is similar to Bottega Veneta's fragrances, the juice inside is pale green, and the cap has the company's logo with a leather strip... But, all that glitters is not gold. To begin with, I think I have some trouble with La Martina fragrances, cause this is my second purchase from that house and I am still facing the same issue: I hardly detect any scents when I apply it on my skin. The first one was Cuero Hombre, I've fallen in love when I saw the bottle, but disappointed when I wore it the first time. And here we go again! When I first sprayed Adiós Pampamia Hombre on I couldn't detect anything at all, even right after I spray it a second time. The cologne was sold at a special price, merely 30euro for 100ml, and after checking the notes here I blindly bought it. I wish I could get the spicy, smoky, floral, and balsamic accords, yet it was not so obvious. I have the impression that despite the scent is classified as an EDT, it is equivalent to an EDC for what concerns the projection and sillage, perhaps ITALART has different criteria in making the fragrances.

Now that almost 2 hours have passed I can sense something soft, milky, woody and airy with just a slight touch of sweetness. It is very pleasant indeed, but I really have to put my nose to the spot I sprayed it on to pick up anything at all. But I can see why people might like this, it's inoffensive but still unique and pleasant smelling.

Long story short, the cologne on both the paper strip and my skin opens with a blast of boozy alcohol, perhaps that comes from the aldehydes, and after a few minutes, I start smelling a soft spicing aroma of pepper slightly burnt and incensed.

The heart reveals a floral bouquet, the orange blossom is gentle and mild, and the ylang-ylang adds a touch of creaminess. But you have to wait a long while before getting the resinous, powdery, and lactonic aroma. The drydown last many hours, it is very close to the skin, but you can smell it even the day after. That means, the cologne has impressive longevity, still is very contained and does not fill the room where you are in.

My take on this, if you like gentle and harmless fragrances, with soft caresses of spicy, floral, and powdery accents, this one is for you, no matter if you are a typical male, female, young, old, or anything in between. It could be worn at the office during the day, and it won't bother the people near you or on your way. It's fine for meeting friends, for social events, but clubbing. Spring is the right season, maybe too delicate for the rest of the year. All I can say is that the overall fragrance is great, but the performance could be better.

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