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Alma - Black Rose by La Martina
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Alma - Black Rose is a perfume by La Martina for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It was last marketed by Italart.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGeraniumGeranium
Heart Notes Heart NotesDamask roseDamask rose
Base Notes Base NotesBlack amberBlack amber
Dark woodsDark woods



7.26 Ratings
Submitted by Michael, last update on 23.10.2021.
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The Pearl of the Euphrates
The legend of the black rose, the pearl of the Euphrates, follows the descendants of an African princess stolen from her homeland. It is the story of a forbidden love divided by age. An accident will tear a family apart, but it will bring together age-old lovers in the most unusual way—a great love story of ancestral beings expelled from their homeland and condemned to wander like restless spirits. Follow ancestral spirits, lost and marginalized by time as they determine their place and identity. As you read, ask yourself, who is the Black Rose? Are you curious to know more about this hidden gem? Let’s begin.

In my fantasy, Black Rose is a perfume that sees two protagonists, which we will soon reveal. On me, it opens with a cold, metallic and dry rose, ignoring for a moment the other flowers that make up the top notes. Damask rose is the main protagonist, with a sort of creaminess from hedione, a molecule similar to the smell of jasmine and magnolia. White flowers sit in the second row and slowly exude right after the queen rose. There is also another protagonist hidden among the olfactory pyramid. It is not the green geranium, which I don't get at all. Instead, it is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that takes your breath away. The cologne combines the flowering of the coffee bean with a fresh and vegetal rose, achieving a dry and refreshing head tone.

The more the fragrance heats up, the creamier it becomes. In the intermediate stage, I get something like a cappuccino, milky and with a lot of roasted coffee. It is genuinely edible, gourmand as if a soft layer of coffee chocolate covered the rose petals. It seems to smell the bowl with the roasted coffee beans that every good perfumery should have and is used to clean the nose when it becomes saturated with essences. The intense floral notes that immediately emerge from the opening continue in the blaze of rose that follows for about half an hour. A rose with a deep sweetness, with some spicy and honeyed accents, such as the quality of the damask. This rosy and toasty accord will last for a long time.

The fragrance dries with warm and sweet black amber, with an intensely evocative scent, a magical spell inspired by the suggestions of forbidden power. A very soft tail, with a discreet white musk soft on the skin, but above all, a lot of creamy vanilla combined with a dark woody, slightly balsamic scent, but I can’t identify which wood was used. I assume it is Brazilian black rosewood, very dark chocolate tending wood that has a distinct rose scent when worked. Finally, I would not exclude a hint of oud, dark, medicinal, not at all intrusive or overwhelming.

My final judgment is that this fragrance brings together a selection of noble floral notes with a rose in the head, precious dark amber and gourmand notes. This perfume is a beautiful dance of simple pleasures and the attraction of opposites. It is a velvety full red rose on a wooden table in a lovely smoky cafe on an autumn evening. It is the aroma of a soul mate. I smell the scent for many hours, with a straightforward but never noisy projection. It is a fragrance where roses and coffee are spread over an amber, vanilla, and white musk bed. The bottle is also beautiful, which I believe exists only in the 50ml format, in the shape of a crescent, with a heavy golden metal cap covered with white leather squares; the upper one has the brand logo imprinted. I find it an autumn fragrance for the humid and cold months of mid-season for my tastes, more suitable for social evenings. Even if I catch the secret note of coffee, this perfume will delight those who love the enveloping oriental sweetness of vanilla and the floral seduction of damask rose. It is a pity that the whole Alma collection is little known because here, we are faced with niche essences, never bland or made to please everyone.
And you, did you already know this fragrance? What do you think?

I base the review on a 50ml bottle I have owned since October 2021.



ElysiumElysium 1 month ago
It's a velvety full red rose on a wooden table in a lovely smoky cafe on an autumn evening. It's the aroma of a soul mate. Warm, reassuring.

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