Désarmant by La Parfumerie Moderne
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Désarmant is a popular perfume by La Parfumerie Moderne for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.
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Lilac, Coppice, Moss, Nectar



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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 09.09.2020.
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Charmingly disarming
I hesitate if I want to smell this scent on a lady (because it is a pure lady scent, hold by grace), but in any case I think it is great that this scent was invented. It's a lot of fun to test it: that much is absolutely certain.

It starts with the name. Again, I'm not sure if this one really fits to the scent, but at least it's a great teaser to make you curious. "Désarmant", disarming, which makes you think of a "disarming smile" or a "disarming openness", but maybe also of disarmament, désarmement, that's a very somehow very funny, short, but also incredibly rooty title for a perfume. Why hasn't a Dufthaus been on it yet? That disarms, so the name is probably not bad.

As for the scent itself, I find it to be the most brutally green possible. "Undergrowth" and "Moss" are already very good, but I would add "Meadow", "Pasture", "Alluvial area", "Mats" and "Grassland". There are both dry aspects of today, as well as really fat wet meadows with thick flowers inside and buzzing insects above ("horny" meadows, so to speak, the word was formerly used a lot in the sense of agricultural fertility, before it was then at some point only about the one and the term then to the common phrase verbanalized, but I come off ...) represented.

And in addition, despite the purple (lilac = English lilac, French lilas) and not green broth playing the second fiddle, lilac, in my opinion. An awesome, disarmingly honest, cracking lilac. To be honest, the first time I smelled it I only thought "totally funny old-fashioned feminine heavy flowery note" and more like hyacinth. I'm just not an analysis champ. But lilac and hyacinth are in more or less the same league: powerful floral scents that were still signature scents in grandmother's time, but which are now considered somewhat old-fashioned, especially when they are used on a massive scale.

Otherwise I really don't smell much, a few aldehydes and/or other chemical stuff maybe. Nectar? Whatever they mean by that, it's more of a joke. Nectar in the sense of the EU regulations on fruit juice and lemonade is probably not addressed.

Like the name: You have to think about that (especially today): To build a fragrance of massive greenery and almost as massive lilac. Ingeniously simple.

The trick that the creators have succeeded in doing is to keep "Désarmant" light and loose, almost transparent; it is a rather distinctive fragrance, but it only shows the idea of "heavy", "sultry", "opulent" and "suffocating" rather than really embodying it. He thus remains sympathetically suspended between light and heavy, and incidentally also between very, very old-fashioned (lilac!) and very, very modern (La Parfumerie Moderne).

Charm goblet and kissing hand for sweetening my day with this fragrance by Marc-Antoine, and if after reading it you have the impression that it could also be practically wearable and not just a mischievously mischievous scent experiment in between, then test it! I find him so sympathetic that I would definitely grant him porters.
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