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Sharif is a perfume by La Via del Profumo for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is spicy-sweet. It is still in production.

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Amber, Leather, Civet



8.8 (9 Ratings)


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7.8 (8 Ratings)
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Cat kiss
She had been in her bed for a long time, but she knew that she couldn't sleep before he came anyway. She had both wings of the window wide open. The cool wind of the night gently blew the curtains around. It was a radiant bright full moon night and the light of the moon shone directly into her room at the hour, illuminating it in silvery black light. He only came on a full moon and the first night. And it should be the same as she noticed at the time. He was already there, sitting on the windowsill. He was bigger than all the others. He whose fur was blacker and darker. He whose name was whispered through the night in such bright nights because one courted his favor. Everybody knew him, but nobody owned him. The black tomcat with the name... Sharif

In the reflection of the moon, his silhouette on the windowsill looked like a silhouette of black leather. Like a statue, he sat there and watched them. She didn't dare to move because she was afraid to scare him. She closed her eyes for a few seconds. When she opened it again, he no longer sat on the windowsill, but on the bed crate at the foot of the bed. As he sat with his back to the moon, his shadow on the bedspread was as dark as pitch. She held her breath and waited. Then he moved towards them in slow, smooth movements. The impressions of his paws left soft depressions on the soft duvet. They looked like tracks in the snow in the moonlight. Sharif was standing right above her now. She closed her eyes and listened to his gentle purr as he turned next to her pillow and lingered. An indescribable feeling of peace and contentment flowed through her as she perceived his smell.

Its black, silky fur smelled of wild lavender that grew on the fields in front of the village. She knew this herbaceous, ethereal smell very well and she loved it, but there was much more that could be found on Sharif's forays into his fur. It was the smell of almonds or almond dust that stuck to him. Sweet as marzipan or heliotrope. There was only one place that smelled so seductively sweet. He must have been in the pastry shop at the end of the street to eat something, but there it smelled so delicious of almond cream. But one also smelled the sweet play of claws from power and conquest. The love that he gave to his lady of the heart that night of leathery-soft animalism. The bites and the blows of passion and devotion. All this she could smell while Sharif rested beside her. All these scents gently drew her to sleep. The last thing she felt was his leathery-soft paws on her lips before he disappeared in the full moon night.

Sharif is as soft as the touch of a cat on the skin. Purring,sweet-warm,cuddly,cuddly,soft-leathery-animalic and gently hypnotic. Notes of herbal-fresh lavender gradually blend with sweet heliotrope and almond aromas before merging with warm amber and soft, soft leather and a soft purring civet chord. Sharif is a fragrance that invites you to cuddle. With yourself or two on the sofa. He has a pleasant sweetness and radiates comforting contentment, like the soothing purring of a cat lying next to you. A fragrance that radiates deep serenity and contentment. Very sensitive and warm and calming. In my opinion one of the few fragrances you could apply before going to bed.

Beautiful dreams guaranteed!
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