Tabac by La Via del Profumo
Review by ColinM


1 Award
Manly tobacco
Tabac opens with an austere, raw, kind of “moldy” accord built with (my guess) woody-animalic dark notes: something like civet or musk, oak moss, dead humid leaves, cloves, something skanky, a warm and slightly vanillic amber note, and perhaps also lavender (I get its peculiar sort of astringent, almost “urinous” aromaticness). And tobacco, of course: grounded leaves just fresh out of the bag. All smells really masculine, dark, savage yet refined, cozy but austere, smoky and bold. The scent which is probably closer to this may be Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio, although Dubrana’s take on tobacco smells more “natural”, and also decidedly more animalic and raw. Really good and straightforward, with also a sort of “vintage” feel reminding me of the early version of Hermès’ Equipage (which is obviously way more “posh” and tamed down). A thick, solid, versatile scent with a pleasant evolution tending more and more towards drier and darker notes of tobacco and cloves. Bold persistence. One of the most mature and manly scents I’ve ever tried since the golden era of hairy-chested fougères. Beautiful.