14.01.2022 - 01:48 PM

Shalimar Homophone

This fragrance, composed by the great Cécile Zaraokian, is often compared to Shalimar. And the comparisons start with the name. 2 homophone words: Kashnoir, Shalimar. right? Is almost they want us to notice that. But to be honest, after wearing them for some time, you will find more differences than similarities.

Despite the vanilla-bergamot combo, this is a completely different scent. A rose driven scent with more freshness to it. A bit tart and bitter in the opening, super fresh and refreshing, with some aromatics to make it unisex (I detect a shy orange blossom too) and, after 10-15min, the "pièce de résistance": A heliotrope note. I love heliotrope and this has a slightly Après L'Ondée Eau de Toilette vibe. Don't get me wrong, the don't smell similar, but you find the heliotrope with that "fresh-powdery almond" effect, as you find it on the Guerlain one.

Overall, a fresh rose scent with creamy-powdery-vanilla aura around. Super high quality and with a good price point. A good niche house btw. I find this brand very underrated but with some hits. This is one of them with good performance, very persistant but not super loud. A good bubble around you for 8-10h.

I like to wear it during spring time or fall, specially on sunny days, where this powdery rose shines.


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