Land (1991)Eau de Toilette

Land (Eau de Toilette) by Lacoste
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Land (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Lacoste for men and was released in 1991. The scent is spicy-citrusy. It was last marketed by Sofipar International.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Sicilian lemon, Guinea orange, Neroli, Galbanum, Lavender
Heart Notes Heart NotesBourbon vetiver, Oakmoss absolute, Nutmeg, Juniper berry, Coumarin, Lovage, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesAmber notes, Musky notes, Sage, Benzoin



8.3 (42 Ratings)


6.9 (33 Ratings)


6.3 (34 Ratings)


5.9 (36 Ratings)
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Like if I were to lie in the meadow!
Take a seat, Mr. Jeheimrat!
I'm glad you didn't vajessen that old coriander.. What's your condition? Well, I'm glad.
What can it be?
Like imma? Fassongk? Shaving, ever?
Aba jern, aba jleich ...
Coffee...? Cream? Zucka?
May I offer you a slice of Trudchen's spiky crab cake...?
Aba jern! Here you go, please jleich ...

So, because I want you ma like imma dit cloth around, so that nüschte uff dit smart shirt blotches ...
I must make a compliment to Mr. Jeheimrat like him. Your white shirt makes you stand out And that deadly waistcoat... all thighs and all cheeks! Janz pomforzjonous!
How do you like ...?
Yes, after all the holidays of the last time it's great, with all the noise of the canopy laughing away. I love to be warm and sunny.

What do you mean?
Well, yes, Mr Jeheimrat, she agrees with me unbelievably. Somma is only the best season!
Oh yes, I would like to get him into my little life, Mr. Jeheimrat, you know ...
So in this land, it is for a Jemütsmensch to vajleichen yet with nothing. The silence there, plus sunshine and the roar of the little birds in the trees! There man can let his soul dangle on the Holliwudd swing. Praise me!
So, when Mister Jeheimrat ne neighing his noble head backwards ... To the sides like that?
Aba jern ... dit hamwa jleich ...

Where was I?
I see - Jemüt and sun and Somma.
Longing, Mr. Jeheimrat, if a person closes the Ooogen in the middle of the country, because it is not staying away forever, because I still have a taste of it. And don't stand next to a field of water when you are standing in the middle of it .. What do you mean? Yeah, I totally agree with you there. Jras and soil and flowers, dit isset! I am pleased to hear that Mr. Junior Councillor's heart is set on it. And just imagine if you could take it home with you as a fragrance
How do you like?
Yes, of course I am already riding my Kleenet like I do when Mr Jeheimrat is hunting.
Now I am immaculate, cilantro, now I am immaculate, a real juta fragrance for a thighman must be classic. I'm all for it anyway, if you're so little, what the ignorant people today call old-fashioned.

How popular?
Yes, the so called modern waters are all too sweet and too obtrusive for me. It is really penetrating when a cloud drags itself to the heart like a podstick, which claws into the neese like cotton wool with bronchial force. I'm like this to me, Korianke, I'm like this to me, whoever tilts his shirt over his shirt and harasses his surroundings with it has no manners.
No, no, you are absolutely right, Mr. Jeheimrat. Jrade in the warm season must be light, fine and discreet As luck would have it...
Well, I'm here for you, I'm with myself. Mr. Jeheimrat already knows that old coriander. See, I have a real rarity here. It's a watering hole, you can kneel down You have my word on that, as sure as my name is Cilantro How do you like ...?
Aba yes, aba jern ...
Momang, I'll take your tablecloth off. So where was I? I see - kneeling and watering When I tell Mr. Jeheimrat ma son Tröppken uff dit Handjelenk ...
That's unusual. Though it is extraordinary. Already the transparent citric top note, as we called Konnassöhre dit - mandarin, very jut! Mr. Jeheimrat ham da eene Neese for ...
Yeah, there's orangiastic on there, and lots of lemon on there. As eena Jeflüstat, who knows all about it, has also tipped Pettikooht at it. Kleena joking, when Mr. Jeheimrat is here. Ick mine Pettigreehn, of course. That'll earth the whole thing. Neroli's there, of course, but he doesn't act as clumsy as in other waters. Jreepfruh resting hamse och rinjührt, it remains aba discreet in the Hintajrund, as it is heard. It is all held together by galbanum and lavender, as I have travelled from unusually uniformed circles. Well, I give you my word on that, and I have a fresh and classic touch, which I have tasted in other brews as well The citric remains as it is, and that is what I like best of all. It becomes jeringfüjjer erdijer, albeit so discreetly, that the whole lap complements each other. It is round, it is fresh, but not cold or yelling, it is somma as I imagined it to be. That's like my swaying swaggerer Alfred, and he's right, hastada.

What do you mean? Yes, the oakmoss is a very solid base, and the vehicle together with the rose frames it all without crowding. And then there's the old juniper berry, which makes it so tart without slipping off into bitterness - so it's the art of perfumery, especially if you don't know what it is For at the end of the day, there is a little sage, and a water that smells like the scent of a spring in the meadow and the sky of July.
It is green, it is not bitter, it is citric, it is not sweet, and underneath it is a small breath of dry earth.

Aba yes, aba yes, dit is dit special! I may vasichan you, because this noble brew is very durable. Take three drinks from the palm of your hand, and you'll have the whole thing from ...

On the buttocks - that is now a drop of nostalgia, as I must say to Mr. Jeheimrat.
This extraorijinal brew is no longer produced in Leida. Aba ick saach ja imma to me, Korianke, saach ick imma, you mustn't throw your shotgun into the toilet right away. There are still a few other little things here and there.
I've got me some Flakong. Wonderful! Trudchen has likeda son spiked her mouth and sternly jekiekt, and then hattse jesaacht, son olla Zausel like icke would not need this fine fragrance anymore, hattse jesaacht. But even if she is often right, it's just a trudy, in the place where I see it differently.
Sehse, Mr. Jeheimrat, if only in the coming Somma they will wear their little hooray hat and linen bag, because there is nothing better than these scents in addition I give you my word that I am called Corianke! You agree with me...?
See, I've seen it all. Please help me with this, the Privy Councillor has such a dead taste..
Like it? Nochn drumming hinta dit ear ...?
No thanks to Aba! It's an honor! Mister Jeheimrat knows my motto: Allet for the old clientele!

Most sincere thanks, Mr. Jeheimrat!
Honour me soon wieda!
Un Jrüße an die Frau Jemahlte!
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