17.03.2018 - 01:24 PM
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Dark & Mysterious

This perfumes is basically the reason why I started collecting perfumes. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga and when she announced this, I had to have it. This perfume is unique for one reason: the black fluid. Have you ever seen a perfume where the liquid was black? Besides that, the box is simple and elegant. I mean who wants their first perfume to be extravagant? (Well, Gaga is extravagant and so was the commercial for this perfume lol). The bottle is simple yet very Gaga. The egg shaped bottle with an avant-garde-ish gold cap that is supposed to represent claws. Now onto the scent. When you spray it, you get that very fruity and mysterious scent which is caused by the apricot, honey and frankincense. The apricot gives this fragrance its fruity essence, the honey gives it its sweet essence and finally the frankincense gives it its mysterious essence. The jasmine and tiger orchid appear when the fragrance softens. You will smell their light trail while still smelling the notes I mentioned earlier. Overall, I really like this perfume. It's a dark fruity & mysterious scent with a floral undertone. In my opinion, this scent is a hit or miss. So, if you're interested into buying this perfume, you should try it first. I'll always remember this perfume as the reason why I started collecting perfumes.
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