Encre Noire (Eau de Toilette) by Lalique

Encre Noire 2006 Eau de Toilette

26.04.2021 - 03:05 PM
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Vetiver for everyone!
There's 3 Vetiver variations used in perfumery. Bourbon (the most high quality one, with green, woody and hazelnut aspects), Haitian (perhaps the most used and with more smoke nuances) and Javanese (a very woody and smoky variation). Nathalie Lorson picked Haitian and, allegedly, Bourbon, and created one of the most beautiful clean and woody vetivers around.

We all know that the most known Vetiver based scent is the 59 novel Vetiver by Guerlain. A great green vetiver with tobacco and some spices undertones and, overall, a crisp and natural feeling.

Lalique picked Nathalie Lorson and let her create a fresh woody fragrance with ink as a concept. Very interesting specially for 2006, when Sport flankers were a thing. She was able to put out a fantastic creation around vetiver.

The bitter green opening of cypress is fenomenal and immediately evokes wet soil in a forest. As it dries down, the vetiver takes control. It's very woody and slightly smoky. I would guess that is more haitian variation than Bourbon one.
The overall feeling is very fresh, woody and slightly smoky. I never became overpowering or offensive. It's very masculine, upscaled and office friendly and long lasting (!) thanks to the highly dose of Iso E Super (45% allegedly). The drydown shows a more subtle vetiver and a amped up Iso E super and Cashmere wood. Both give a modern woody trail with musky undertones.

The price for this one is excellent, specially online, as you all know. 100ml for less than 30€. Crazy!

If you love woody fragrances or want to smell a great woody Vetiver based scent, go buy yourself a bottle, please. If you love perfumery in general, this is a classic and a must have for Fragheads. Lalique could only have this beauty for sale and i would be OK with that. Just keep producing this gem, please!

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