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Idôle is a new perfume by Lancôme for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Turkish rose, Rosa centifolia, Bergamot, Pear, Indian jasmine grandiflorum, Chypre accord, Musk



7.1 (109 Ratings)


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7.4 (101 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 16.10.2019

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is the American actress and singer Zendaya Coleman.

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Very helpful Review    15
Once again I have learned something!
Many who already know me here know that I love the Lancome scents!) Especially the la nuit tresor line:) I was very excited about idols and was looking forward to testing them even more!:) I was also able to get to know and test idols through a perfume sample. Admittedly I am still extremely unsure what my opinion on this fragrance is! It also reminds me a little of Comme une Evidence L'Eau de Parfum by Yves Rocher ( But only very discreet!). This time I had decided to test idols with my mother because I know from my grandfather that he doesn't like flowery scents and that he would only say bad or boring... And I think I would have made progress with that and nobody here...My mother, on the other hand, likes it now and then flowery and fresh:) (which I can't really say about myself either:D) I and my mother had made us chic because we wanted to go out together, she said we could both apply a little bit of the scent and then we can see in the course of the day how it develops so. I thought it was a good idea!:) So I sprayed myself two, and she sprayed herself three to D. Something I have to say about the H+S is the bomb! One perceives then extremely strongly and clearly... I don't know any other Lancome now either;))

So I will now simply describe how it developed on my skin and on those of my mother:)...

On my mother's skin:
With her, the fragrance was much sweeter and softer than with me, I think. I smelled a very beautiful and pleasant light, powdery but nevertheless refreshing feminine rose note*-* Also bergamot was clearly perceptible with her, especially when spraying on, but then the note became lighter and more discreet... What I've felt so much more attached to! But I could also smell the pear most intensively from my mother. It wasn't an artificial or stabbing pear note!
Much more a juicy and sweet pear where you want to bite the person in the wrist: D musk gave the fragrance the certain something I can not describe so! All in all she liked the scent very well which I could understand well!:) ( no wonder if it smells so good with her!) She gave the scent 8 out of 10 points...:) Also I find that, the very beautiful and special smells with her on the skin:)))

Now I'm describing how that smells on my skin...

On my skin...:
Alsoooo where am I supposed to start... something I must say however!.... On my skin it didn't smell as great as on my mother's skin...:((( Already when I sprayed it on I could smell an unpleasant mossy slightly sour note...:(( Which unfortunately wasn't such a nice start for me! But well, you can't have everything in life! The rose note... that was personally too penetrating for me, which has become soapier and more piercing... Had I wished for a more pleasant rose (on my skin):( The pear note was the worst in the whole fragrance! It was extremely synthtic and penetratingly sweet, a pity I think! Since she was sooo beautiful with my mother!...:( The bergamot on the other hand was more bearable and more pleasant. That took the synthetic sweet and refreshed for fragrance course:))) Which became more pleasant for my nose:)) Nevertheless, I have noticed that this scent is not for me! And once again I have learned how different scents can be for every human being!:))) But even here I have to stress that the scent is not bad! But not the latest! Nevertheless, I think that it is better to test the fragrance before and then buy it! Since that wasn't soo beautiful on my skin I give idols 5 out of 10 points.

As already mentioned, H+S is very, very good! Idols kept with my mother and also with me all day long. Which is very rare in fresh/floral fragrances. I hope the commentary/text is well written and accurate because I put a lot of effort into it but also liked to write from the bottom of my heart:)❤
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Helpful Review    11
Exceptionally ordinary!
To an order at the green D, I got a sample Idôle and my girlfriend accepted it gratefully.
She mostly wears flowery scents which is always good for her petite blonde appearance, for my feelings.
The fragrance didn't reinvent itself after spraying on and went off surprisingly flat for the first few minutes.
Standard food ala 99% of women's fragrances because the bottle or the water itself is pink.
After 10 to 15 minutes Idôle wakes up from his Sleeping Beauty sleep and reminds his wearer that one splash was enough.
The Sillage is expressive, rosy sweet, but never obtrusive or pungent. All very soft and digestible, the bet feminine and not playful.
But what forced me to spend the completely inflated price for a 50ml bottle is the Drydown.
Every time I entered the living room something came towards me which does not smell so rosy at all. This typically warm patchouli or leather it won't be, so I guess the included musk chord (but I really have no idea)?!
The sweetness in the heaviness of this unusually masculine note couldn't possibly come from me and gives the Sillage a kind of self-confidence that, in contrast to all other girls' fragrances, says "enough played, I'll tell you what I want now"... even if it's just the coffee you make your pretty girlfriend now without complaining.
Idôle performs quite long, but the fragrance does not change any more. Rose>Bonbon Sweets>Self-consciousness. Not new, but proven.
What bothered me a little was the enormous price. Sure, the fragrance is 2019 and not only looks clean but also very noble, just how the fragrance smells. Only the cap is a bitter disappointment at first.
To describe it with my simple words, scent horny, bottle horny, plastic cap....ürgs.
There is apparently a "Handysiliconhülle" for the flask and asks the wearer to take it everywhere, but then such a gross carver?
No matter, important is what comes out.
Good everyday scent for girls over 25+ and I will smell it on my girlfriend :)
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8.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    19
The idol on the wall ...
... and the scent on your hand.

In the past I always did the newspaper shopping for the family, because then reading matter also dropped for me.

For grandma " home and world " , for daddy " mirrors " and " Titanic " , for mom " Burda fashions " - and for me auto motor sport , Bravo and Fix and Foxi.

My parents - unlike other parents - had nothing against my reading preferences - and they didn't have the impression that it impoverished my language - as it was spread by the teachers.

The pedagogues were at war with Bravo and all the comics.

I didn't have to, like some girlfriends, secretly read Bravo.

And especially beautiful was the Bravo star cut.
One collected from each issue a body part of his idol, and then put it in life size on the wall.

My idol back then was Barry Ryan - and I got soft knees when he sobbed "Eloise" into the microphone.

And this pleasant memory awakens idols in me.

It conveys this youthful, enthusiastic mood - which I often miss in everyday life today.

Yes, I am inclined to enthuse for this balanced fragrance, like Barry at the time
The soft rose also hides a hint of nostalgia in idols - but without sentimentality, because his basic mood is cheerful.
The pear appears clear and aquatic and jasmine provides brightness.
Of Chypre only a slight unseifige hunch.

A bright, turned towards day scent that also awakens bright memories.

Nevertheless, on You Tube I will click on " Eloise " and " Love is Love " and dream teen dreams
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Greatly helpful Review    17
My new Chloe
Lately, I've been keeping a low profile on blind buying. Also in the perfumeries I did not find anything I wanted to buy.
I became curious by the comments to idols. "Rose" and "soap".
For years, Chloe was my signature scent. My sister said Chloe smells like me.
So, long story short, I ordered idols blind.
Tested, walked into the living room, my husband said, "So, it's Chloe time again?"
My husband is an absolute Chloe fan, that's how he met me.
You already notice what it comes down to.
Idole has an incredible resemblance to Chloe.
Chloe's more fabric softener. Somewhat more stabbing.
With idols, I can't perceive a large fragrance, it's definitely very rosy. Pleasantly pink for me. At the beginning flowery.
And it's long lasting!!
Even with the horses in the stable, this rosy scent blows around me the next day. He holds in his hair also prima.
For me an evergreen and a worthy Chloe successor :)
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8.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    13
In love at first sight
I have tested many old and new perfumes in the perfumeries over the last few years. Especially the new releases have not inspired me for a long time. They were always so... flat ?
My mother gave me a miniature of idols yesterday. I was very happy that I could now test the new release of Lacome.
I just pulled off the Squirt and sniffed at it. My first thought was, "Oh, he smells like Ever Bloom of Shiseido." I have to say, I really like Ever Bloom. It just unfortunately doesn't last 10 minutes.

To the fragrance:
Before I saw the fragrance pyramid, I simply felt the fragrance to be rosy and soapy. Really quite soapy even (which I like though).
It reminds me of a beautiful rose soap. However, the rose is not fresh and full-bodied, but sweetish. Now I know that the juicy sweetness must come from the pear. Pear is always difficult to find in perfumes. Sometimes she smells too sweet, sometimes too musty. But here the pear is the perfect complement to sweeten the rose pleasantly. It's juicy and sweet.

I know that many idols also feel flat and boring. I, on the other hand, am glad that Lancôme brings out a soapy fragrance and hopefully sets a new direction. I much prefer to smell soapy scents that remind me of fresh laundry, on every corner, rather than gourmand scents that almost suffocate you.
Let us hope that the days of LVEB are numbered :D
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5.0 6.0 6.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    16
You don't look at the gift idol ..
Already sprayed several times and still nothing at the new smell discovers. No head cinemas, no pictures, no enthusiasm... nothing... Second chance? I'd love to!

But also here... unfortunately nothing, no Wow... Isn't that funny, when a newcomer comes on the market, he has to be WOW directly! You expect that... somehow...

Lancome has long been my favorite after the Armani. There were some great treasures, except classics like Ô de Lancôme, Tropiques, Benghal, Miracle and Magnifique. Those were characters to the power of three! With a lot of charisma and beautiful aromatic ingredients. I could buy everything blind and was sure I would like it... Unfortunately there is only general duplication for a few years... For me disappointing.

Idole is a great name! That's an obligation. I find the bottle extraordinarily elegant and it is intended for lying down. Whether this is practical, well... but very original!

I'm afraid the scent isn't. It's beautiful, yes. But not impressive... It is light, elegant, mild, gently sweet, fruity - simply delicious! I don't think tasty is an expression of perfume. In the beginning he promises to be something great, but then he withdraws and stays shy on his skin. After a few hours I smell a fine synthetic note that I don't like at all... Chypre chord... It could also be more than just a hint, then that would at least be a statement.

The Sillage is weak. The shelf life volatile.

Idole is a fine fragrance for those who like light perfumes. He lets you enjoy the lightheartedness... no more.

Well, then what do you do with the gift? Do they give that back? You say, oh, it's not for me...
I still have to think about that, but I will definitely NOT wear this fragrance ;-)
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    32
Unexpected often comes..
...this was also confirmed today, when I made an unsuspecting spontaneous ramble through the Dougi of my trust. There was the newest creation from Lancome on the shelf, like Phoenix from the ashes, framed by LVEB and the La Nuit Tresor diamonds.

The imposing, super slim bottle is reminiscent of a smartphone. (Funnily enough, you can even buy a suitable protective cover made of silicone to take the good piece with you on your travels!)

In addition, it was immediately noticeable how "prone to tipping" the bottle is: One jag of the tester cap had already been broken off! ^^
Nevertheless, the filigree bottle made of delicate rose gold makes a good impression and immediately stands out from the crowd.

I then sprayed my wrist twice full of expectation and continued to rummage through the corridors. The idol starts, as expected, florally pure. According to the above information, there is no classical fragrance pyramid... Nevertheless, one has the impression during the course that one is walking along a lush flower bed. Gradually, each of the majestic flowers opens and reveals its unique scent.

I'm certainly not a fan of flowery scents, but this one is different. It's neither pompous, nor does it seem dusty or "outdated". I never really understood what 'Chypre' really means, by the way. Here I interpret it for myself as a kind of patchouli, which prevents the flowers from slipping into the soap.

When all the flowers have finally opened up and shine in full splendour, a fruity pear is added to the coronation and gives the bouquet a completely new, fresh touch.

By the way, if you're afraid that the scent is sticky and sweet, I can calm you down... This is not the case!
H+S are definitely in the upper range. There's nothing to complain about.

I am really enthusiastic and enjoy the unexpected newcomer very much! :)
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Jazzy76 43 days ago
Pure, clean, extremely feminine as a dew drop on a rose,it's a very classy and discrete scent to wear mainly by day.
Refined the thin bottle

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