Trésor (1990) (Eau de Parfum) by Lancôme

Trésor 1990 Eau de Parfum

Version from 1990
25.05.2019 - 06:27 PM

Dear old Trésor, where are you?

I tested today at my favourite drugstore the reformulated perfume: the bottle was in offer and it was disposable on the shelf. I was so sure to find again a world of memories linked to the old advertisment with the Isabella Rossellini's face,but mainly to my mother and my green years: indeed, Trésor was one of her favourites scents and She wore it in every season, expecially when it was cold and she wore her fur.
I remember its very fruity bouquet , its strong alcoolic character at the first smell, giving way after a few minutes to a warmer heart and to unmistakable apricot notes.
Well, what I smelled this morning was TOTALLY DIFFERENT: a light gourmand scent, not bad, but very synthetic and without that particular fruity touch which was the true soul of the original scent.
What a disappontment! I must reveal a secret: if you want to find again the TRUE Trésor, look for a vintage bottle or, if it's too expensive, try some dupes like Wealth by Omerta. It could seem incredible , but with about 7€ you can enjoy all the original notes of this iconic scent of the early Nineties
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