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When a fragrance is present in more than 150 countries worldwide, that is quite extraordinary! When the most prominent actors, athletes and artists wear this fragrance, then it can only be la crème de la crème of the fragrance world. Only a few fragrances can claim that grandiose title, but the French brand "Lancôme" is undoubtedly one of them.

"Lancôme" was founded back in 1935 by a chemist and entrepreneur. From the beginning, high-quality products of personal care (make-up, care, perfumes) were the focal point of this brand. Through new chemical processes, a lot of commitment and the finest senses, "Lancôme" claimed success on such short notice and gained popularity among the leisured class.

In 1964, when the brand was in its second generation, it was sold to the French cosmetics group "L'Oréal". Since then, the noble fragrances have been undergoing further consistent development, therefore today "Lancôme" is considered the world's leading luxury and beauty brand.

Meanwhile, Lancôme provides its consumers with the most diverse fragrance lines and collections, which satisfy even the most demanding wearers. The palette ranges from contrasting ("Miracle") to fresh ("Ô Oui") to romantic ("Trésor"). One of the peculiarities of the fragrances of "Lancôme" is the bridge between the aroma of the fragrance and the look & feel of each bottle. The bottles do not simply differ from each other in shape, color or material. Rather, playful curves, clear lines or special surfaces already give a playful hint at the scent enjoyment.

Particularly in the fragrance creations of Lancôme also shows a recipe for success of the brand, because in addition to a wide variety of flowers and petals, special flavors such as mint, apricot or vanilla are used repetitively. In addition, it is clearly recognizable that Lancôme was and is always leading in terms of PR. Since the 1980s, Julia Roberts has been one of the brand’s faces. In the 1990s, for example, Kate Winslet and Penélope Cruz joined in, and among the first advertising faces in the new millennium was Emma Watson.
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