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Me L'Eau by Lanvin
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Me L'Eau is a perfume by Lanvin for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-fresh. It was last marketed by Inter Parfums.
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Top Notes Top NotesItalian mandarin orange, Violet leaf, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesPeony, Magnolia
Base Notes Base NotesPeach, Cedar, Musk



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 26.06.2020.
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I'm a... uh... I'm water??
Hello love and sniffing perfumes! Yeah, my title's a little weird, but look at the scent name. Isn't he weird, too? Me L'Eau?? Doesn't that mean "I Water" translated? Or is it some sort of pun on the name Milo? I have no idea, but "I Water" sounds stupid after all, and therefore I also think that the name of the fragrance could be roughly translated as "I'm the water"... correct me if I'm wrong!

Fortunately, the name of the fragrance doesn't say watermelon, otherwise it would probably still say, "I am a watermelon", as superstar Johnny Depp once said in front of running cameras to show his knowledge of German :DD (Yes, look on YouTube for Johnny Depp watermelon, then you know what I mean!).

Anyway, today I wanted to introduce you to this scent here from Lanvin. According to the scents, it sounds like a summery scent, and since we will certainly have midsummer until November with all these heat waves (no, hopefully not), I'd like to introduce you to another summer scent.

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell light and loose sweet notes with beautiful, creamy floral scents. I mainly smell roses from the flowery scents as well as violets, which make the scent softer and more powdery. The pink pepper gives off both a slightly fruity and a tingling spicy, sweet scent. Otherwise the other flowers in the background would have to be either the magnolias indicated in the fragrance pyramid, or simply general flowers, which I can't determine further here.
A little later, the fragrance is still fresh and floral. I would say that all the flowery scents are now equally intense, but every now and then the roses still stand out. The pink pepper, however, is now much weaker, the sweetness of the fragrance remains, even if it loses a little intensity.
Even at the end the fragrance is still floral and sweetish (but rather floral). It is beautiful, even if the floral notes should occasionally (but rather slightly) emanate a light, sticky scent. Musk and cedar I could perceive rather less, peaches on the other hand are smellable, but with me they sink fast. A generally beautiful, light fragrance with no particular strengths or weaknesses.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is, after a short "scent cloud effect" at the beginning rather small. Not body-hugging, but you have to stand close to the fragrance carrier to be able to perceive it. The shelf life is okay, because you can perceive the scent at least at the sprayed place a little longer than six hours, but because of the weak Sillage the scent can also appear shorter.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and thick, it is clear but has a whitish colour gradient towards the bottom. It is filled with a light pink fragrance liquid that makes the bottle look more beautiful. The neck and the also rectangular lid with several edges are chrome-plated and shine beautifully. At the neck hangs a chain with a small pendant. All in all a simple but beautiful bottle.

So that was Lanvin - Me L'Eau. I liked the smell now. It smells nice and summery, is loose, light and harmless and therefore very usable for the day, both in leisure time and at work. He's just too weak to go out. The fragrance can last for a few hours, but the Sillage does not last that long.

The only thing I would really have to criticize is the fact that the fragrance smells a bit too "mainstream" and therefore has a slightly synthetic (but not disturbing) aura as well as not being distinctive enough to give the fragrance a good recognition value. But that doesn't matter, because you could still test the scent and you (or actually the woman :D) could use the scent for a summer, because it just smells fresh and loose and harmless and nice, and it's also quite cheap. I personally could have done without the light, stuffy flowers, but most of you here know that I always have something to complain about stuffy scents and that such a scent doesn't bother most of you that much.

And since the summer isn't over yet, get dressed in miniskirts! ... ups,... wait... argh, I was somewhere else with my thoughts, after all it was hellishly hot yesterday, so that all the ladies were dressed shorter than usual, so that under no circumstances could one overlook their gentle stilts, which were certainly soft and shiny in the sun... ... but you know what I meant, because I wanted to say: Come on, try the fresh and summery scent! :D *sigh*

In any case I am finished now and wish you a nice and nice evening, until then :)
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AnessaAnessa 4 years ago
Optimistic citrus on cedar w/ bit of flower,reminds of Light Blue,but watered down and made into prim office-scent for grey summer mornings
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