Oxygène by Lanvin

Oxygène 2000

18.11.2019 - 08:56 AM
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Peppery, Milky, Gardenia.

I love gardenia, as it is my favourite flower, and I read this had it at the centre stage. It does not disappoint, its there a strong note, powdery, white, heavenly, spiritual.
I can also sense all the other notes clearly, the pepper, the musk, the sandalwood, the bergamot. The uniqueness of this perfume is also its milk note, it is creamy, that mixed with the gardenia create a very sublime floral. The musk, sandalwood and pepper ground it and make it serious, they are a serious base to the elevating white floral. I wanted Crystal Noir by Versace for its peppery gardenia, but its rather costly, this is half the price and has the peppery gardenia, without coconut, but added sandalwood which is great. This is creamy, fresh, musky, woody, peppery, it is a perfect addition to my gardenia collection. The most special note is again the milk note which bonds with gardenia and makes the flower even more realistic.

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