21.01.2020 - 10:14 AM

Not Bad, But Not Great Either

Blue Oud by Lattafa comes in a blue felt-lined box. The bottle is blue-colored and would look great in any collection. The cap fits snugly on top of the bottle and has the word Opulent engraved at the bottom of the cap.

When sprayed on, I smell floral and citrus notes. After a good while, I detect a very muted musk as well as Ambroxan. Due to the very cheap price, if there is any oud here, it is definitely synthetic. Personally, I smell no oud.

It seems like Blue Oud would be a good fragrance to wear during the cooler months of the year. Projection was within an arm's length. Longevity was around 7 hours on my skin, becoming a skin scent at the 5 hour mark.

Do not confuse Lattafa's Blue Oud with Arabian Oud's Blue Oud. Though they share the same name, they are not at all alike. Arabian Oud's version is a lot more expensive, contains Cambodian Oud, Blue Musk, and Indian Oud. Also, Arabian Oud's version comes with both an EdP and a bottle of oil.

If you are looking for something cheap to wear with mostly citrus, floral and Ambroxan with a bottle that will also look nice in your collection, go for the Lattafa. If you want oud with musk, get Arabian Oud's version. Arabian Oud has my vote.

For myself, Blue Oud by Lattafa is more of a "Like" than a "Love" but for the nice cheap price, it is not bad at all.
7 out of 10

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