Bade'e Al Oud - Oud for Glory by Lattafa / لطافة

Bade'e Al Oud - Oud for Glory

09.08.2020 - 08:09 PM
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A beauty of darkness and woods

The beginning is beautiful, a dark, smoky oud with a precious lavender, and some very light and sweet tones, which I think could be some type of resin (amber, labdanum etc ...), all very balanced and, really, elegant and fine .

The aroma is quite linear, it varies little, the only thing I feel is that, little by little, the lavender note is diminishing in intensity and a slightly spicy and sweet note takes on a bit of prominence, which together with the wood creates an aroma quite nice and pretty. In this part it is a slightly sweet and spicy wood, which I liked a lot.

Drying is very similar to this last part of the perfume, but with the addition of musk, feeling a musky wood with sweet and spicy nuances, a precious thing.

The perfume is dark, but not as dark as you might believe, it is fine and elegant, and I have found it perfect for special occasions, but yes, I still think that it is a perfume for cool climates.

The performance is very good, remaining on the skin for more than 9 hours, with a very noticeable wake the first hours of use, then it becomes close to the skin, but remains as a kind of aura, and thus remains almost the rest of life of the perfume.

The quality of the materials feels good in any case, and without knowing the Initio perfume yet, I think it may be very feasible that they look very similar, because as I have already explained, the notes that I have been feeling are very similar to what Initio declares in its perfume file, so surely the inspiration is not only in the external appearance of the bottle.
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