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AnOther 13 (Eau de Parfum) by Le Labo
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AnOther 13 (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Le Labo for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is fresh-synthetic. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Nathalie Lorson

Fragrance Notes

Ambrette seed absolute, Ambroxan, Pear, Jasmine, Moss, Helvetolide®



6.9 (34 Ratings)


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7.6 (32 Ratings)
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Perfumed glossy magazine!
Another 13, the rough diamond?
Yes, even I did not immediately realize to what a wonderful ...? Yeah, what is Another 13 actually? A perfume? No, that would be to quickly dismiss it. Aura in a Bottle? Maybe!
I like to compare the "Another 13" with the Pondon of D.S. Durga "I Don't know what" Durga herself calls it a fragrance enhancer, like an empty house in which aromas and perfume components can "nestle" I personally prefer the term aura-scent Use only for layering? No, in my opinion A13 is much too good for that!
I like it when you describe scents briefly and concisely in order to try to tell others what to expect!
I am neither a poet nor a major collector. That doesn't impress me either! Quality counts, and I like it when you can recognize a line or a footprint in a collection!
This A13 will fit perfectly into my collection.
Yeah, enough talk (written), how does he smell now?

>> Scented glossy magazine!
9.0 8.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    18
"Antiperfume" 13
There are perfumes that are less perceived as perfume than as smell or fragrance. First and foremost, of course, Geza with its "famous" Escentric series, which deals with individual fragrances, from which topics such as perception thresholds and compliments end in eternal discussions.
IsoESuper, like Ambroxan, should now be known to everyone at least as a carrier in almost every perfume. Viewed individually, the two of them can already give quite a lot of pleasure: IsoE as a soft, cool-dry cedar wood smell and Ambroxan with its rather sweet-woody accents, both somehow convince every perfume lover at some point. Be it "monothematic" or as a carrier or additive combined with other substances... which finally finds its way into the bottles via Dior, Chanel or Hermès.
With Another13 we are dealing with a "smell", which at its core appears completely detached from any perfume idea as an abstract but also somehow natural work of art. The focus is clearly on Ambroxan, which probably once again prevents some noses from seeing the whole work of art at all, as well as some old acquaintances like birch, jasmine or moss.

Simply put, Antoher13 smells like synthetic.

More precisely, Another13 smells of craft, industry and metal. But also after sun-tanned skin on long summer days in nature, after fresh sweat on warm but clean skin, after Petrichor (rain on warm asphalt), after past but also future. Innovative, minimalist, consistent and purist.
After an alcoholic start it goes directly in the Ambrox veil through the industry, off into nature. Where he remains in the metal-Moschus mix and in between flashes up metallic-coolly like the weather lights in the summer thunderstorm. Similar to Molecule01 it also comes in waves. It wafts, reacts to temperature and environment. After a more exact evaluation of altogether 5 persons it can be said that Antoher13 on a good arm length is reserved and pleasant, fantastic 12-15 hours perceptible.

Gentle but radical in its implementation, convincing in its durability, Another13 has captivated me completely. For me, the perfect "anti-perfume" when I want to smell the way I like to smell myself, without putting on a more "superimposed" perfume. When I feel "arrived and done" and leaving out means more than having to. Synthetic, but maximum natural. Art can be that simple.
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9.0 10.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
13 degrees
I hadn't been completely unconcerned, not this time.
I had read of powerful-powerful Ambroxan that clung tightly beyond three showers, of salty aquatics and muff and sweat and yuck.
Oh dear.
And once again: oh dear!
That was, was I really supposed to do that to myself?!
So I pushed him before me, the test, from summer to autumn and finally to winter, to a day that was really cold, that clanked and creaked and loudly demanded a fragrance that would stand up to him.
"AnOther 13.
When, if not now?
So I thought, so I sprayed.

And thought next to the end of the world.
Not the actual, biblical-final, not the day of days that no one else will follow.
I thought of "La Fin du Monde" by ELdO with its sweetish carrot ambrette seed, the dusty iris, the soft suede - here as there Ambrette clearly rose from my puddled skin, caressed, flattered, also tickled to combine blinking lashes later in "AnOther 13" with dense, dark, spicy ambroxan, equally balanced this time, equal rights, not soon underbuttered by the heated, black-brown superiority.

Where Ambroxan otherwise doesn't take any prisoners on my skin, doesn't tolerate any other notes beside him, here it holds back in its other egocentricity, underlines and supports rather the ambretti-playful lightness, condenses it and holds it firmly to the ground.
That's good for her, the Ambrette, on this first day, which is really cold, unfriendly and grey, which shooks a rough wind around the houses and whirls my hair and clothes, which reddens my nose and bleaches my cheeks.
It is cool, the skin, even where the blood pulsates - the cold produces metal, gunpowder and flint, a hot-cold paradox, ventilated by ozone.
A big, strong hold, dense and dark and - yes, really: pleasant.
I like him.
And I am surprised: Should it possibly still work with Ambroxan and me?

The next days show a constant change: Sometimes "AnOther 13" starts as on the first day directly with Ambrette, closely followed by Ambroxan, sometimes the fragrance takes its time and holds light, almost citric notes under my nose, which I believe the pear, but not alone consider possible.
I never experience floral or mossy chords, my nose may be too clumsy for that, but I can't say that I miss them.
Day after day, the Ambrette-Ambroxan liaison remains invariably present, intensifying with increasing skin warmth to a point that - exceeded - becomes too much.
Thus "AnOther 13" disqualifies itself for me as a fragrance for more than 13°C - from this temperature Ambroxan gains the upper hand and the fragrance loses its charm for me.
But until then, he's welcome to be with me.
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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

50 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
"Clean to the Core"
What does it smell like? Yes, the resemblance is there...of a brand new magazine taken out of the plastic and opened for the first time ... But, it is so much more than that. I use this fragrance so much....primarily in the warm weather because I never get bored with it and it is by far one of the most complimented scents that I currently own. If you are a fan of Molecule 01, Molecule 02, Not a Perfume, Eau Mage, and some noteworthy scents from the avante garde house of Comme des Garcons like Synthetic Series 6: Dry Clean, Odeur 53 and Odeur 71. The Iso E Super/Ambroxan combination is really pushed to the max. The cleanliness can be described as such: "sterile", "clean pool water", metallic, salty-sweet, velvety, and incredibly smooth ....NOT clean like laundry....or fresh cotton. I've never encountered any complaints. It projects and lasts all day long...It is not weak by any means nor is it as simple as the aforementioned Molecule 01 or Molecule 02. I’ve been told by coworkers that the scent trails down the hallway from my office (and that isn't with an over application.) AnOther 13 is one of my favorite “cleanly” offerings from this house aside from Gaiac 10. Stunning, Beautiful, Unconventional, Obsessed.

10/10 easily.
5.0 10.0 3.0/10

1239 Reviews
Another Ambroxan Bottled as Niche Perfume
Why does Le Labo ANOTHER 13 smell so familiar to me? Maybe because it is essentially a base in near ubiquity at this point in perfume history. Ambroxan plus some musk. And, for heaven's sake, don't forget the iso-E-super!

Okay, so I already sniffed both Escentric Molecules MOLECULE 02 and Juliette Has A Gun NOT A PERFUME. Been there, done that. Don't need a bottle, that's for sure, but I have a generous decant from Guusje.

I'll keep it on hand, in case I "forget" what ambroxan smells like. In fact, that seems quite unlikely to happen, as I feel that through this three-part exercise I am now capable of recognizing ambroxan bases in more complex creations.

I do hope that Le Labo will now return to making perfumes.
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