Fleur d'Oranger 27 (2006)Eau de Parfum

Fleur d'Oranger 27 (Eau de Parfum) by Le Labo
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Fleur d'Oranger 27 (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Le Labo for women and men and was released in 2006. The scent is floral-citrusy. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Bergamot, Musk, Orange blossom, Petitgrain, Lemon



7.2 (43 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    23
It leaves you unsatisfied
The names of the "Le Labo" fragrances are all the same, first the main ingredient that gives them their name (here orange blossom), and then a number indicating how many other fragrances were used for the composition. When disclosing these other 27, the company unfortunately does not show itself to be very willing to communicate, and unfortunately I am not in a position to make analytical advances here either.

What can be said in any case is that the citric notes Petitgrain, Lemon and Bergamot are 100% plausible. Fleur d'Oranger 27 starts with a beautiful orange blossom (which always tends to be a bit soft and fluffy), but this is accompanied by a strong (and yet light and harmonious) flank of radiant and a bit bitter citric. The result is a bright, to a certain degree even radiant, fine and fragile, but also almost colognig-hard summer freshness scent; according to Yin-Yang standards rather masculine; in this respect quite untypical for a white flower herb scent.

I like the fragrance a lot at this stage (and the nose at my side likes it too); it's further confirmation of my preliminary assessment that Le Labo is characterized by very valuable, precise, meticulous compositions that combine a certain originality and modernity with wearability and classicity, which I generally appreciate very much in fragrances and scent houses.

Despite the rather high dosage (which I had to force myself to do in view of the very high price), however, similar to "Bergamote 22" from the same house, it's quite quickly over with fun. The late phase, which is supposed to be softer and warmer, as rumour has it, and in which one can perhaps guess what 22 other notes apart from musk are still in there, only takes place virtually with me, since the scent is first absorbed by my skin like the first rain from the bottom of the Kalahari. I can spray bravely, but that only leads to a renewal of the top note.

For people with a very fine sense of smell and the willingness to constantly press their nose against the wearer (with which the wearer should agree as much as possible) this may be an unprecedented revelation of scent, for me unfortunately only an overture, and despite Oscar Wilde's "a cigarette is a perfect pleasure, it leaves you unsatisfied", no perfect pleasure.
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5.0 5.0 9.0/10

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Helpful Review    3
Exquisite Orange blossom
My Orange and lemon trees are just blossoming.
I love this perfume,it smells just like one of the trees.
Delicate orange blosom,a litle sweet.
So soothing and beautiful.

I wish it lasted longer on me.
The siliage is also low.
But it is worth it.
7.5 7.5 6.0/10

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Creamy orange blossom
Fleur d'Oranger definitely falls into the category of being a white floral.

I like this fragrance because it's so simple. A rich, creamy blend of orange blossom and jasmine with a hint of bright, citrusy lemon.

The scent is very feminine, possibly one of the most feminine fragrances by Le Labo. Fleur d'Oranger 27 is quite heavenly in the way it settles on the skin. I'd even recommend this fragrance as a bridal scent for some.

While I love white florals, they don't suit me unfortunately. The delicate beauty of this fragrance and the intense white creaminess doesn't suit my rather bold personality and wild sense of dress.

It has a rather classic and romantic feel to it, and like I mentioned before, it strikes me as a wedding scent. Elegant, innocent and in some ways sensual.

The longevity is wonderful, in fact Le Labo is known for their outstanding quality. I can not even begin to express my love for this fragrance house and their ability to never let me down. Another great fragrance.
5.0 7.5 7.5 6.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
Some time ago, I ordered a sample of Fleur d'Oranger 27 from Le Labo. Before I ordered the sample, I wanted to see what other fragrance enthusiasts had to say about Fleur d'Oranger 27. My hopes were dashed based on the overwhelmingly negative reviews that were posted. Some of the general complaints about Fleur d'Oranger 27 were that the scent didn't smell like orange blossom at all. Others said that they detected a floral note that was unidentifiable. Some commented that it smelled like a household cleaning product or toilet bowl cleaner. The positive comments that were made said that people enjoyed the scent but that it might be too floral to be considered a unisex fragrance. With all that said, I ordered it anyway just to test for myself.

The sample from Le Labo arrived quite quickly and was packaged very nicely. They provide 5ml glass rods with atomizers which makes sampling their fragrances very easy. The first test I made was just a spritz on my arm and suddenly, something seemed terribly familiar to me. I kept thinking Orange Blossom of some kind but it wasn't exactly that. I revisited my arm again and it was at that time that I knew what I was just experiencing but couldn't believe it was true.

As a gardener, I am familiar with many different types of ornamental flowering plants. There is one in particular I will bring to your attention that is a personal favorite. The Latin name is "Philadelphus coronarius," but more commonly known as Sweet Mock Orange. Sweet Mock Orange is a deciduous shrub that has been cultivated for about 400 years. It is prized for its profuse, sweetly-scented white flowers which appear in early summer. It is native to Southern Europe, and today is used as an ornamental plant in landscape design.

What's all the talk about Sweet Mock Orange you ask. I'd like to present my impressions of Fleur d'Oranger 27 from Le Labo. The floral scent that I experience with Fleur d'Oranger 27 is exactly what one experiences when smelling the flower from the Sweet Mock Orange shrub. If you were wearing a spritz of Fleur d'Oranger 27 on your arm and were standing in front of a Sweet Mock Orange shrub you might not be able to distinguish the two. It is probably the purest example of extraction that I have experienced thus far. Regardless of Fleur d'Oranger 27's components, there is nothing that comes closer to Sweet Mock Orange than this. Sweet Mock Orange was given its name based on its single or double flowers scent that was reminiscent of Orange Blossom. There is no direct connection between the two species except for the uncanny resemblance in the way their flowers smell. Yes, the direct translation of the French name "Fleur d'Oranger" is Orange Blossom, but perhaps Le Labo might consider changing the name to "Fleur de Seringa" to better represent this fragrance. ("Seringa" is the Sweet Mock Oranges's name in French.) I find this one of the most interesting fragrances that I've tested from Le Labo, and feel that perhaps some people are trying to connect this fragrance directly to the given name. There are hundreds of fragrances called sandalwood, none of which smell the same and few of which smell anything like sandalwood. I also understand that most people haven't experienced the Sweet Mock Orange to appreciate how closely Fleur d'Oranger comes to this shrub's beautiful fragrance.

The real question is, would I wear Fleur d'Oranger. As a man, I have mixed feelings about whether I find this fragrance a "unisex" fragrance or not. There are certain elements that make this feminine and perhaps far too few that make it masculine. I appreciate the botanical aspect, but an overwhelming single association to a favorite flower might not be enough to make it something to wear. Would I wear it to be reminded of the Sweet Mock Orange in the dead of winter? Yes, I would.
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