Neroli 36 (2006)Eau de Parfum

Neroli 36 (Eau de Parfum) by Le Labo
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Neroli 36 (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Le Labo for women and men and was released in 2006. The scent is synthetic-fresh. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Daphné Bugey

Fragrance Notes

Orange blossom, Rose, Calone, Musk, Mandarin, Jasmine, Vanilla, Tonka bean



6.4 (33 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    23
Brain softening 36
Here in Berlin, the temperature is just 36 degrees Celsius with 360 percent humidity, and that at 11 p.m. in the evening. Before it got dark, the city was immersed in such a strange doomsday purple-orange and now monstrous flashes of lightning constantly run through the picture. And that's how I feel. Kind of unreal. Like in the jungle after I ate the wrong mushrooms. Or were they frogs? I can't think right anymore, it's all like a crazy dream. Can I write a review of Neroli 36?

Well, the good news is that I can't tune in to the general nölen, Motzen und Dissen rating that leads to the current 6.5 average at 30. For me, this isn't a Le Subo runaway down... Runaway: I just have to think of such a little fuzzy creature that flies cheekily out of a laboratory; but it can't be a pitiful laboratory animal, because "Le Labo" is supposedly vegan, natural and at all. No, sorry, that was the heat... Get a hold of yourself!

So no runaways. On the contrary. It's actually a typical Le Labo for me: Pretty great in the opening, and then pffffffffff. And not really Neroli, but only marginally. Speaking of neroli, I don't understand one thing very well. In the opinion of the previous speakers and according to the font size in the list of ingredients, this is actually supposed to be a calone scent. But what the hell is a Calone, anyway? I really don't fucking know! A candied lemon? Some kind of pizza calzone? Naked canons? Danone's melon? Al Capone, but Completely Alone? And because I don't know what a caramelized cojote smells like, I can't confirm the thesis either. But it's funny that they didn't call it Calone 36. Speaking of which, I was in Kreuzberg today with the scent, SO 36! Maybe this is some secret code, this is actually a Kreuzberg scent.... Damn, the heat...

So now quickly and immediately to the point, before I go stupid again: Krass noble and special start, Neroli somehow recognizable, but very modern twisted. Flowers very clear, vegetable-florane absolutely. White bloomers, yes, white bloomers. Orange blossom 36, actually. Or Calone orange blossom for me. Yes, it is. Very clean, but more so towards puffy white-flowering fabric softener cleaner than metallic Neroli-aggro-4711-ATA-VIM-Scheuer-Sauber. But in the end, neither. Rather such a deep, rich, soft-fresh, almost mystical (but nevertheless material) clean. Silver grey. Expensive fabrics, damask maybe. A bit velvety-silky, but rather damask (or a bit brocade). Gold and silver. Somewhere in the background a fine subtle spice. Carnation maybe? Quite linear, hardly any development.

At this point it is questionable, why Le Labo actually afforded to be lustful, unfortunately denying logic, to list two different fragrances in their pleasantly clear and clear fragrance portfolio, which drive quite fat on the musk orange blossom track, namely this one and "Fleur d'Oranger 27". Maybe Francoise Caron and Daphne Bugey walked in the door at the same time with the same fragrance idea and the Babo from the Labo didn't want to kick either of them out, because they both have such supersexy names? Francoise Caron and Daphne Bugey... o God, madness, doesn't that sound hot?! Damn, the heat.

Anybody else interested in me not having that stuff again? Not really, is it? After one hour no more projection, after four to five: Finito. What's going on? The scents of LL are all called "Eau de Parfum", and not "Very much Eau with a little Cologne". And on average, Parfumo attests them good durability values. And I bought the stuff fresh in the shop at Ku'damm as samples for a fee, not even eight weeks ago, and stored it in the dark ever since. Is that marketing? If you buy the samples for 5 euros per 1.5 ml, administer thin plörre and only if you buy 100 ml for a few fantastilliards, take the right concentration? Ingenious strategy. A dear fellow perfumer has written here that the fragrances at Le Labo would be of varying strength, depending on where and when you let them be bottled. Really? If that's true, then bonne nuit, le labo! That would be like Burger King filling the Bic Mäc with majo and iceberg lettuce in Kiel in November, and putting in five slices of meat in Passau in May. I don't want Big Mäc anyway. More like a vegetarian. Or better to drink something, but with triple ice.

Anyway, all the labos with citric or other volatile substances I'm interested in in the title I've got through now. If the rest, the one where the name-giving ingredients are "Oud", "Tonka", "Heavy Metal", "Pattex" and the like, are also blown away by the wind after an hour, then I believe in the Labo conspiracy. If I haven't melted away by then anyway.
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Helpful Review    2
I love Neroli, but no thank you
Unfortunately on my skin Neroli 36 has a characteristic aquatic, marine aspect that can be easily found in other niche perfumes as well...
Like Etoile de REM or Aria Di Mare by Il Profvmo..
The top and middle notes are quite misleading...
So don't pay much attention
The dry down turns into a more commonly pleasant vanillish, musky composition.

Sorry Le Labo, but this is not a very good creation :-$
5.0 7.5 7.0/10

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Helpful Review    2
Juicy mandarin orange
Neroli 36 struck me straight away as being more mandarin orange based than neroli. There was also an obvious sweetness, which was very pleasant but far from the bitterness that this fragrance is supposed to convey.

As far removed from being a soliflore as possible, I did much prefer this fragrance over Annick Goutal's Neroli, which I found too herbaceous and citrusy.

The more the scent developed, the more it began to resemble a juicy, pulpy orange mixed with talcum powder. Not the nicest description I know, but far nicer when smelt.

On the Now Smell This blog, both reviewers mention an aquatic quality which I don't seem to get. The scent is certainly Summery and refreshing, but there aren't any oceanic notes in this composition, as far as I can smell anyway.

I really enjoyed wearing this fragrance while it lasted, which was relatively impressive. Perhaps the only aspect I didn't like was the drydown, which up close smelt like a pet-shop but from a distance smelt like orange-scented cleaning products with a touch of musk.

Every now and then, Neroli 36 gives off a soapy vibe, however I wouldn't go so far to say that it's particularly clean-smelling, the sweetness certainly prevents it from going that way.

Neroli 36 is nothing ground-breaking, but it's certainly, in my opinion, something that lives up to its expensive price tag. Lovely, just lovely.


Pietros921 2 years ago
This very nice specially on a man during fall. Abit soapy citrusy abit salty woody like a warm sea breeze. Its safe but it has sharp aspects+1

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