Bois Fuchsia by Les Parfums de Rosine
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Bois Fuchsia is a new perfume by Les Parfums de Rosine for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is fruity-floral. It is still in production.

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Michel Almairac

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesIris, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart NotesLychee, Rose, Raspberry
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Musk, Patchouli



7.3 (28 Ratings)


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7.8 (33 Ratings)
Submitted by Calista, last update on 05.10.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    16
Berry-wood combination in Fuchsia :)
I find these brightly coloured flacons really funny and successful. Let's see what the second of the new
Les Parfums de Rosine-series has to offer ... this time the fuchsia :)

To the fragrance:
Bois Fuchsia starts with tangy fresh currants *zisch-britzel*
Iris wants to show herself on my skin but unfortunately not.
Continue geht´s with a strong lychee note. A small raspberry is also still part of the party.
At first the rose is not the main actor in the fragrance but provides a rosy-fresh fragrance feeling.
I have the impression that Patchouli now gives the berries a balsamic-fresh-green touch.
Holzig wird´s in the course also still ... but it seems a little rough to me. The rose also appears more strongly in the base and the berries can only be sniffed discreetly at first. Without the fragrance pyramid, I would have tipped on a Rose Oud combo.
A load of musk then completes the base and the berries can breathe a little again. Luckily the "oudige" scent feeling then decreases :)
Unisex? yes!
Spring and autumn would be the time for this fragrance.
The shelf life is about 7 hours, the Sillage is mediocre.
The bottle of the Bois Fuchsia shines in the most beautiful Fuchsia and looks not elegant but very funny
Also wenn´s not so my personal fragrance is spread the fragrance somehow good mood!
A berry-wood combination in Fuchsia :)

Juicy berries meet patch musk wood!
*balsamic-fresh-green-pink Touch*
He is not bad & spreads good mood :)
16 Replies
8.0 6.0 7.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    10
Is "fuchsia" a color or a plant???
Hello hello and a nice evening, your olfactory bulb :D
Today I come back to a fragrance that once again underlines my abnormally bad botanical knowledge: Bois Fuchsia by Les Parfums de Rosine, a brand that is mainly known for its rose fragrances... well, hence the term rose in the brand name :)

Fuchsias! I thought to myself, "Don Don Don," it can't be that you don't know a plant in this world. So focus and try to remember what fuchsias were again. Then, after a few minutes of concentrated reflection, the following picture came to my mind: Beautiful purple or pink flowers that hang down for a long time and look great! Then I searched for fuchsias and look there: I was wrong enormously. What I was thinking about were foxtails, which I had confused with the term fuchsias!

But that was far from the end of my mistakes. Because with "Fuchsia" I actually expected the smell of fuchsias in this perfume here (not to mention that I don't know how fuchsias smell anyway!). But no,... With "Fuchsia" here only the French term for fuchsia red or pink is meant, so that the fragrance name "Bois Fuchsia" actually only means "pink wood" or so, which would also explain the fragrances such as rose, raspberry and sandalwood in the fragrance pyramid...

Yes yes, as I said, I am really not a beast of intelligence, especially not in vegetable things, but I can do at least one thing like always: To describe the scent here :)

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins beautifully with sweet fruity scents. I actually smell lychees that give off a nice smell. Normally these fruits smell rather inconspicuous, but here they smell quite intense, so that you can recognize them very well. The other sweet fruity note is raspberry, which in my opinion overlays the somewhat powdery currants, although the powdery notes could also come from the iris.
Roses are of course not to be missed, but compared to other Les Parfums de Rosine fragrances, the roses here are a little weaker, but smell as usual authentic and beautiful with this brand, and if I am not mistaken, then you can smell the stems of the roses, because in the background there is such a beautiful, green scent.
Only a little later the scent gets an earthy note through the patchouli, which fits quite well to the other scents here (and I say this, although I usually find patchouli a little inappropriate in scents, because they sometimes smell quite intense or too earthy, but here I find this scent very well dosed).
Later, this patchouli is a little more intense, but the fragrance is also gentler in general, as the powdery notes like those of the iris keep the fragrance soft. Roses smell a little less later, but the fruity-sweet scents remain the same. All in all, this fragrance is very beautiful here.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is quite okay, no bummer, but still reasonably good to smell on a lady for a while, especially if you're not too far away.
I also found the shelf life quite okay with seven to eight hours.

The bottle:
With this fragrance here I see the brand's new flacon design for the first time. The bottle remains oval and bloated, but now has clearer lines and a modern, elegant look. It is pink, well, let's say fuchsia red and apparently opaque and has no label on the front but a tactile logo of the brand. The lid is black, cylindrical and grooved and therefore completely new. The top of the lid also bears the logo of the brand. I think the new flacon designs of this brand are as successful as the old ones, but I miss a little the beautiful cords and tassels of the old flacons, even though I have to admit that they might not have matched the modernized flacon in terms of design.

Soo, Bois Fuchsia, the new fragrance from Les Parfums de Rosine, is, in my opinion, very pleasing and therefore really good. The combination of patchouli and the sweet-fruity notes is successful and smells beautiful and feminine.

Through his nice charisma I find that the fragrance is both a day and an evening fragrance. So you can use it for the job or for leisure, or even for going out, because I think it should come across well anyway. And also from a seasonal point of view, I think it actually fits all seasons and is therefore a nice all-rounder.

I would therefore recommend the scent for a test. Well, I've tested a nice women's scent with that again. While I know so many great women's fragrances by now, I seem to be more critical about men's fragrances, especially when it comes to buying my own new fragrance... as a lady I would probably have as large a collection of fragrances as you freaks, no wonder, given the larger number of great fragrances.
But at least now I know what fuchsias are and what they look like. I can only hope that this time I don't forget that again so fast :D

Well then, have a nice evening and see you next time :)
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