Secrets de Rose (2009)

Secrets de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine
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Secrets de Rose is a popular perfume by Les Parfums de Rosine for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLicorice, Plum, Bitter orange, Rose, Saffron
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, Cumin seed, Magnolia, Rose absolute, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Himalaya moss, Labdanum, Musk, Sandalwood



7.6 (80 Ratings)


7.8 (59 Ratings)


6.9 (52 Ratings)


7.8 (57 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    11
What's the secret of the rose? Don't ask me!
Secrets de Rose, the secrets of the rose! I wonder what that might be

If you ask a botanist, he can surely tell you some interesting details about roses, which could surprise even rose fans. For example, that roses are related to apples and pears, so you could compare apples with pears here, he he.

If you ask a perfumer, he will tell you how different roses can smell in perfumes and what you could do with roses in perfumes. It is not for nothing that the rose is regarded as one of the most frequently used fragrance components in the world and is incorporated into fragrances in many variations and intensities, both for women and men's fragrances, and this for centuries.

If you ask DonJuanDeCat, one of those commentary writers from Parfumo, he'll probably start telling you something about cats or Star Wars, because this guy is just a head freak and beyond that he's a real botanical shit! But if you combine both, you might get lightsaber-oscillating cats, and that idea is kind of cute, isn't it? No? Oh, you have no idea... :D

Anyway, with the Secrets de Rose "once again" comes a rose fragrance from Les Parfums de Rosine, which is no wonder, since this brand has specialized in rose fragrances, as you can easily recognize by the brand name, unless you think that "Rosine" here really means raisins :D

The fragrance:
Yeah, I smell roses. Slightly sour, but also quite sweet. Even a little soapy, but nice smelling. You can also smell the liquorice, but less in the ascending scent, but more in the sprayed area, but it won't stay long!
Most of the other scents are rather hard to spot, because the roses are too much in the foreground and they don't smell too weak. Saffron provides a certain spice, otherwise it just remains rosy for the time being.
In the base the musk mixes with something, which in my opinion makes the scent a bit "darker"... hm this is hard to explain (but I find musk dark-sweet and amber light-sweet..., argh, no matter :D). In any case, the rosy notes go well with the musk fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good, the roses radiate quite intensively for a longer time.
Also the shelf life is quite good, you can still smell the scent after eight to ten hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is bulbous and consists of a semi-permeable cream-coloured glass. The knob-like lid is black and reminiscent of the lids of Jo Malone fragrances. Two black cords hang from the bottle, ending in tassels with pink details. Looks quite nice, although I find the somewhat more colourful bottles of Parfums de Rosine more beautiful.

Well, so... the scent smells like roses, who would have thought? D
But starting from the name, I would not necessarily claim that the rose scent hides any secrets here or that it itself smells mysteriously. The fragrance simply smells solid like a nice rose fragrance with a good charisma and durability and should please rose fans. And even if there are perhaps more beautiful rose scents, this one has not turned out badly either. Something a bit banal perhaps at the beginning, but not bad, and towards the base the fragrance gets a nice note especially with the musk. It fits not only well during the day, but also for going out, especially as it lasts a long time.

So you can give it a try! In my opinion, it is one of the more successful rose fragrances of this brand, such as La Rose de Rosine, Rose Praliné and Un Zest de Rose!
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5.0 7.5 8.0/10

46 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
Deep & powdery; beautiful & sensual
Secrets de Rose starts with a beautiful whiff of plums on sweetened roses. Even in the early stages, it is intensely powdery, and you can tell that there is a complex mix of notes going on in the background that lends a lot of depth to this.

Very quickly, it is at once sweet and resinous with a hint of spice. When I put my nose close to my skin, I pick up something bitter and aromatic, and something else that seems milky (the magnolia, perhaps?). It swings between this and the plumy state for quite a while; quite the shape-shifter here. There's also a mild nutty scent to this, but I can't pin it down.

As it progresses, ylang ylang definitely becomes more prominent on me, backed by a beautiful musky candied rose that lends some sensuality to this. A hint of spice amps things up, giving it a slight almost Middle-Eastern vibe.

SdR ends less powdery than it started out, with a sweet musky resin. I would even say that there is a something of a woody feel to it, too.

I love this. I see this as the perfume of a lady who wears her little black dress, instead of the LBD wearing her. She would walk into the room in appropriately high stilettos and a quiet charm and confidence, and yet be noticed for precisely that. She's not childish and mindlessly flirtatious, oh no, she knows exactly what to do at all times.

Definitely an impressive, highly addictive fume with excellent sillage and pretty good longevity (around 5 hours on me).
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10.0 7.5 7.5 7.0/10

261 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Secret preparations for fight
You are maybe thinking about what kind of secrets are hidden in this elegant bottle. It is a war plan.

SECRETS DE ROSE is a little smoky, stingy, firm and especially strict fragrance. Like a woman who makes plans for taking over the domination on a company, or even the world.
Sillage is superb, so SECRETS DE ROSE will dominate minimum the air surrounding you. She alleviates on the stringency only after spreading in the air as a warning of will power.

After realized that she bagged everything what she could, much softer epoch follows the fight, powdery and dusty amber smoothes out the conflicts.

Could not tell what note does make SECRETS DE ROSE so strict (and scary), but recommend to wear it when you need to show some power to the people in your area. The first separate note what I was able to detect was amber in the base, top and heart are too complex to me for analysis.
7.5 7.5 7.5 8.0/10

1239 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Similar to MPG Rose Muskissime, but drier
Immediately upon applying Les Parfums de Rosine SECRETS DE ROSE, I thought of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier ROSE MUSKISSIME. Gazing over the notes, it's not exactly clear why, but both compositions do feature some animalia, notably musk, and also something like that je ne sais quoi scent which comes along with black currant, though black currant is not explicitly mentioned for SECRETS DE ROSE.

This is a complex and mercurial rose, with lots of undulating tiny waves of darkness in between the light and sweet qualities. As usual for this house, the rose in SECRETS DE ROSE smells splendid. I do not detect many of the listed notes individually, including licorice and cumin, both of which are usually quite salient to my nose. I love the former and dislike the latter but smell neither specifically in this creation. What is happening here, I think, is that all of the fruity and animalic notes are blending to produce a simulacrum of black currant. Since I love black currant in perfume, I find this blend most appealing.

I decided to compare the two perfumes side-by-side and discovered that the black currant is true in ROSE MUSKISSIME and more of an image in SECRETS DE ROSE, which also seems more green--at least in wafts. It changes a lot over the course of a wear, as the various components wax and wane...

I already own a bottle of ROSE MUSKISSIME, but honestly, I would not mind one bit having a bottle of SECRETS DE ROSE as well!
1 Replies
10.0 7.5 7.5 9.0/10

97 Reviews
Very helpful Review    4
Sultry Rose
Secrets de Rose is an alluring, dark velvet rose. It is smooth, sultry and seductive, like a beautiful but dangerous courtesan who is well-educated, smart, provocative and charming. The scent reveals the sexual side of the rose without being trashy. It oozes class and sophistication, but you know right away that she is far from a prim and proper lady.

The scent opens with a gorgeous, sultry rose mixed with the juicy plum. The saffron note, weaved in the composition, makes this scent hot and sensual. The rose absolue is sweet and luscious in the heart notes surrounded by soft bouquet of magnolia and jasmine. The cumin in the heart notes is not vulgar but still spicy and a bit dirty, like a risky innuendo. The dry down is a lovely mix of resins, woods, oakmoss and slightly powdery soft rose. The combination is complex, smooth, beautiful and lasts for hours.

Secret de Rose is masterfully done and one of the best from Rosine’s line in my opinion. The quality and craftsmanship is there. This sultry, vibrant, and full bodied rose still smells like a natural rose, which I adore about Rosine’s roses. I definitely recommend it for rose perfume lovers.

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