Tendre Madeleine by Les Senteurs Gourmandes

Tendre Madeleine

19.02.2020 - 06:59 AM
Very helpful Review

Snickerdoodle/L de LL Clone

Long ago I blind purchased L de Lolita Lempicka. At first I disliked it because what I was expecting—something aquatic—and what I sprayed—a baked goods gourmand—were two entirely different things. It took a little time but I grew to love that quirky spiced cookie scent. Fast forward a few years to find me mourning my emptied bottle due to (a.) regular use and (b.) bad bottle design, which led to leakage. I was in the process of moving when I’d wrapped up my one-third full bottle and packed it away. When I unpacked I found the box it was packed in smelled delightful and my bottle was dry as a bone. I nearly cried and turned to the internet for solace. I was rudely surprised to find that quirky scent was discontinued. Alas, I was left to find a suitable replacement.

Tendre Madeleine is as close a clone to L de LL as I could find. This is as much a bakery treat as L de LL but it lacks some of the nuance that made L de LL a cult favorite. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I can attribute that nuanced next level element to the immortelle, but TM is definitely missing that indefinable something. Does that mean I don’t love TM? Absolutely not! I really get a kick out of wearing TM, with its snickerdoodle goodness, but that’s all it has to offer. L de LL never forgot it was a perfume; TM doesn’t seem so sure. But, given the prices for L de LL, TM satisfies my baked goods sweet tooth just fine.

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